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Answers by sai charan chakrala

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GATE 2019 CS&IT Please suggest IIT's, NIT's or PSU's. Thanks in advance 😊 Getting 50.33 marks from madeeasy predictor Getting 49 marks from gate overflow predictor Score estimated 650-700 Rank estimated 950-1150
answered Feb 11, 2019 in Other Colleges 384 views
2 votes
From a group of 5 woman and 7 man we have to select a committee consisting of 2 woman and 3 men. Find the total number of ways to select such committed if (1 and 2 are a separate question) 1. Four man refuse to be in the same committee 2. 2 woman refuse to be in the same committee.
answered Feb 8, 2019 in Combinatory 99 views
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If the memory is 768 MB and the block’s size is 384 Bytes, what will be the size of the bitmap in Bytes? I think it should be 2^21 Bytes, but I’m not quite sure. Could you show me also your solution?
answered Feb 6, 2019 in Operating System 125 views
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Which of the following is/are true? I. Every strict schedule is cascade less schedule and recoverable schedule II. Every cascade less schedule is recoverable schedule III. Every cascading rollback schedule is recoverable schedule IV. Every cascading rollback schedule is a strict schedule V. Every ... schedule All of the above I, II, and IV only II, III, IV, and V only I, II, and III only
answered Feb 6, 2019 in Databases 206 views
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consider the computer system with two byte instruction and has $16$ instruction registers and $64$ floating point registers. type 1 type 2 type 3 type 4 has N instructions requiring 1 floating point register each what is the value of N?
answered Feb 15, 2018 in CO and Architecture 601 views