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$\lim_{x \to \infty}\frac{x-\sin x}{x+\cos x}$ equals $1$ $-1$ $\infty$ $-\infty$
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Consider the ordering relation $x\mid y \subseteq N \times N$ over natural numbers $N$ such that $x \mid y$ if there exists $z \in N$ such that $x ∙ z = y$. A set is called lattice if every finite subset has a least upper bound and greatest lower bound. It is called a ... $|$. $\mid$ is a total order. $(N, \mid)$ is a complete lattice. $(N, \mid)$ is a lattice but not a complete lattice.
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For $x, y\in \left\{0, 1\right\}^{n}$, let $x ⊕ y$ be the element of $\left\{0, 1\right\}^{n}$ obtained by the component-wise exclusive-or of $x$ and $y$. A Boolean function $F:\left\{0, 1\right\}^{n}\rightarrow\left\{0, 1\right\}$ is said to be linear if $F(x ⊕ y)= F(x) ⊕ F(y)$, ... functions from $\left\{0, 1\right\}^{n}$ to $\left\{0, 1\right\}$ is. $2^{2n}$ $2^{n+1}$ $2^{n-1}+1$ $n!$ $2^{n}$
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Let $G$ be a simple undirected graph. Let $T_D$ be a depth first search tree of $G$. Let $T_B$ be a breadth first search tree of $G$. Consider the following statements. No edge of $G$ is a cross edge with respect to $T_D$. (A cross edge in $G$ is between two nodes ... $\mid i-j \mid =1$. Which of the statements above must necessarily be true? I only II only Both I and II Neither I nor II
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Let $G$ be a graph with 100! vertices, with each vertex labelled by a distinct permutation of the numbers $1, 2,\ldots, 100.$ There is an edge between vertices $u$ and $v$ if and only if the label of $u$ can be obtained by swapping two adjacent numbers in the label of $v$. Let $y$ denote the degree of a vertex in $G$, and $z$ denote the number of connected components in $G$. Then, $y+10z$ = ____
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The number of possible min-heaps containing each value from $\{1,2,3,4,5,6,7\}$ exactly once is _______
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The complement(s) of the element 'a' in the lattice shown in below figure is (are) ____
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Find the recurrence relation satisfied by $R_{n},$ where $R_{n}$ is the number of regions that a plane is divided into by $n$ lines, if no two of the lines are parallel and no three of the lines go through the same point. Find $R_{n}$ using iteration.
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Find a recurrence relation for the number of bit strings of length $n$ that contain the string $01.$ I am getting a recurrence like An = 2^(n-2) + 2A(n-1) - A (N-2) .Answer is not given for this question.Please help and explain your steps.
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A bowl contains $10$ red balls and $10$ blue balls. A woman selects balls at random without looking at them. How many balls must she select to be sure of having at least three balls of the same color? How many balls must she select to be sure of having at least three blue balls?
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$10$% of the population in a town is $\text{HIV}\large ^{+}$. A new diagnostic kit for $\text{HIV}$ detection is available; this kit correctly identifies $\text{HIV}\large ^{+}$ individuals $95$% of the time, and $\text{HIV}\large ^{-}$ ... of the time. A particular patient is tested using this kit and is found to be positive. The probability that the individual is actually positive is ______.
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Given below is a program which when executed spawns two concurrent processes : semaphore $X : = 0 ;$ /* Process now forks into concurrent processes $P1$ & $P2$ */ $\begin{array}{|l|l|}\hline \text{$P1$} & \text{$P2$} \\\hline \text{repeat forever } & \text{repeat forever} \\ \text{$V ... (I) and (II) are true. (I) is true but (II) is false. (II) is true but (I) is false Both (I) and (II) are false
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Let R be a reflexive relation on set A for any three elements a,b,c belongs to A if (aRb and bRc) +> (cRa) then which if the following is true? a)R is symmetric but not transitive b)R is transitive but not symmetric c)R is an equivalence relation d)R is neither symmetric nor transitive
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On a non-pipelined sequential processor, a program segment, which is the part of the interrupt service routine, is given to transfer $500$ bytes from an I/O device to memory. Initialize the address register Initialize the count to 500 LOOP: Load a byte from device Store in memory at ... based design is used in a place of the interrupt driven program based input-output? $3.4$ $4.4$ $5.1$ $6.7$
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The most relevant addressing mode to write position-independent codes is: Direct mode Indirect mode Relative mode Indexed mode
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Let $L=\{ w \in \:(0+1)^* \mid w\text{ has even number of }1s \}$. i.e., $L$ is the set of all the bit strings with even numbers of $1$s. Which one of the regular expressions below represents $L$? $(0^*10^*1)^*$ $0^*(10^*10^*)^*$ $0^*(10^*1)^*0^*$ $0^*1(10^*1)^*10^*$
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Consider the following sequence of instructions executed on the five-stage pipelined processor: LW $1, 30($6) ADD $2, $4, $2 ADD $1, $3, $5 SW $2, 20($4) ADD $1, $1, $4 Assuming there is no forwarding, calculate the number of clock cycles needed to execute above program ?
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Consider a pipeline 'x', consist of 5 stages named as IF, ID, OF, EX and WB with the respective stage delays of 2 ns, 6 ns, 5 ns, 8 ns and 1 ns. The alternative pipeline 'y' contain the same number of stages but EX stage is divided into 2 sub stages, (EX1 and ... 20% of the instructions which are memory based instructions, what is the ratio of speedup of x to speedup of y? 0.727 0.902 0.665 0.825
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A computer has a three-stage pipeline as shown in Fig. 1-7(a). On each clock cycle, one new instruction is fetched from memory at the address pointed to by the PC and put into the pipeline and the PC advanced. Each instruction occupies exactly ... stage and the first instruction of the interrupt handler is fetched into the pipeline. Does this machine have precise interrupts? Defend your answer.
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The figure below describes the network of streets in a city where Motabhai sells $\text{pakoras}$ from his cart. The number next to an edge is the time (in minutes) taken to traverse the corresponding street. At present, the cart is required to start at point $s$ and, after visiting each street ... : $s, t, b$ and $f$ are the only odd degree nodes in the figure above. $430$ $440$ $460$ $470$ $480$
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X and Y are two independent random variables with variances 1 and 2 respectively. Let Z=X-Y. The variance of Z is _____.
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Consider a finite sequence of random values $X=[x_1,x_2,\dots x_n]$. Let $\mu_x$ be the mean and $\sigma_x$ be the standard deviation of $X$. Let another finite sequence $Y$ of equal length be derived from this as $y_i=a*x_i+b$, where $a$ and $b$ are positive constants. Let $\mu_y$ ... $X$ is the same as the index position of median of $Y$ in $Y$ $\mu_y=a \mu_x + b$ $\sigma_y=a \sigma_x + b$
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The ALU, the bus and all the registers in the data path are of identical size. All operations including incrementation of the PC and the GPRs are to be carried out in the ALU. Two clock cycles are needed for memory read operation - the first one for loading address in the MAR ... $2$ $3$ $4$ $5$
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Find the memory address of the next instruction executed by the microprocessor (8085), when operated in real mode for base segment =800 and offset is=E000.
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Find the contents of the flip-flop $Q_2, Q_1$ and $Q_0$ in the circuit of figure, after giving four clock pulses to the clock terminal. Assume $Q_2Q_1Q_0=000$ initially.
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The main difference(s) between a CISC and a RISC processor is/are that a RISC processor typically has fewer instructions has fewer addressing modes has more registers is easier to implement using hard-wired logic
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