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Find the recurrence relation satisfied by $R_{n},$ where $R_{n}$ is the number of regions that a plane is divided into by $n$ lines, if no two of the lines are parallel and no three of the lines go through the same point. Find $R_{n}$ using iteration.
answered Jul 12 in Combinatory 15 views
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Find a recurrence relation for the number of bit strings of length $n$ that contain the string $01.$ I am getting a recurrence like An = 2^(n-2) + 2A(n-1) - A (N-2) .Answer is not given for this question.Please help and explain your steps.
answered Jul 11 in Combinatory 213 views
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Consider the following sequence of instructions executed on the five-stage pipelined processor: LW $1, 30($6) ADD $2, $4, $2 ADD $1, $3, $5 SW $2, 20($4) ADD $1, $1, $4 Assuming there is no forwarding, calculate the number of clock cycles needed to execute above program ?
answered Jun 4 in CO and Architecture 112 views
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What is output Y?
answered May 19 in Digital Logic 79 views
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A sequential circuit with two $D$ flip-flops $A$ and $B$, two inputs $x$ and $y$, and one output $z$ is specified by the following next-state and output equations : $A(t+1)= x'y + xB$ $B(t+1)= x'A + xB$ $z = A$ (a) Draw the logic diagram of the circuit. (b) List the state table for the sequential circuit. (c) Draw the corresponding state diagram.
answered May 16 in Digital Logic 373 views
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Suppose that there are $n = 2^{k}$ teams in an elimination tournament, where there are $\frac{n}{2}$ games in the first round, with the $\frac{n}{2} = 2^{k-1}$ winners playing in the second round, and so on. Develop a recurrence relation for the number of rounds in the tournament.
answered May 15 in Combinatory 113 views
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Given explanation. I am not able to understand what is asked in the question. Please explain.
answered May 14 in Digital Logic 3.5k views
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Given explanation: I always fail to solve such questions. Please tell what is the approach to solve such problems?
answered May 14 in Digital Logic 151 views
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Consider a disk drive with 16 surfaces, 512 tracks / surface, 256 sectors / track, 8 KB / sector with a rotation speed of 3600 rpm. The disk is operated in cycle stealing mode where by whenever 1 B word is ready it is sent to memory, similarly. For writing ... cycle. The time for each memory cycle is 50 nsec. The maximum percentage of time that the CPU gets blocked during DMA operation is ______
answered May 5 in CO and Architecture 107 views
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A CPU has five-stage pipeline and runs at 1 GHz frequency. Instruction fetch happens in the first stage of the pipeline. A conditional branch instruction computes the target address and evaluates the condition in the third stage of the pipeline. The processor stops fetching ... If each instruction takes one cycle to complete on average, then total execution time of the program is i am getting 1.32
answered Apr 30 in CO and Architecture 223 views
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Consider two instruction sequences: a. SW R16,-100(R6) LW R4, 8(R16) ADD R5,R4,R4 b. OR R1,R2,R3 OR R2,R1,R3 OR R1,R1,R2 Add NOP instructions to this code to eliminate hazards if there is ALU-ALU forwarding only (no forwarding from the MEM to the EX stage).
answered Apr 30 in CO and Architecture 707 views
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A $5-$ stage pipelined processor has IF,ID,EX,MEM and WB . WB stage operation is divided into two parts. In the first part register write operation and in second part register read operation is performed. The latency of those stages are $300,400,500,500,300$ (in nano seconds) respectively.Consider ... $I_{4}$ SUB $R_{1},R_{7},R_{4}$ $R_{1} <- R_{7} - R_{4}$ The program execution time__________ns?
answered Apr 27 in CO and Architecture 214 views
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Consider the following specifications: Hit ratio for read = 0.8, Hit ratio for write = 0.9 Block size =2 words, cache of 10 ns is 10 times faster than main memory On any miss entire block is moved from main memory to cache memory 20% references are for write operations What is avg access time with write through using 1) Write allocate 2) No write allocate
answered Apr 25 in CO and Architecture 257 views
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my doubt 1) default is hierarchal or simultaneous. 2)will we use hierarchical or simultaneous here..also explain.
answered Apr 24 in CO and Architecture 93 views
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Array A contains $256$ elements of $4$ bytes each. Its first element is stored at physical address $4,096.$ Array B contains $512$ elements of $4$ bytes each. Its first element is stored at physical address $8,192.$ Assume that only arrays A and B can be cached in an initially empty, ... bytes will be written to memory if the cache has a write-through policy? $a) 0$ $b) 256$ $c) 1,024$ $d) 2,048$
answered Apr 23 in CO and Architecture 824 views
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For a floating point representation with 64 bits in the mantissa and $12$ bits in the unbiased exponent, the number of significant digits in decimal and the maximum (positive) value of the exponent in decimal will be _______________________
answered Apr 21 in CO and Architecture 65 views
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After executing one CALL instruction, the content of PC is decremented by $8$ ( for storing PC and flag register content on stack memory) Consider the following Memory address Instruction $2502$ : MOV A,$56$ $2503$ :ADD A,B $2504$ :CALL $8500$ $2506$ :DCR B ... PC and flag register. Let content of SP be $6950$ when PC content is $2503$ content of SP when PC reaches $2508$ is ____________________
answered Apr 20 in CO and Architecture 69 views
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A 32 bit machine processor has 32 register, each of which is 16 bit long. each instruction is specified with four field, namely operation part, immediate operand in addition to two register operands. assume that the immediate operand is signed integer in signed 2' ... that can be represented in immediate operand field is +4095. max number of instruction that can be permitted by this processor is.?
answered Apr 20 in CO and Architecture 84 views
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Consider the following statements $S_{1}:$ The set of string described by a rule is called pattern associated with the token. $S_{2}:$ A lexeme is a sequence of character in the source program that is matched by Pattern for a token. Which of the following statement is/are true? Both $S_{1}$ ... $S_{2}$ is false $S_{2}$ is true $S_{1}$ is false Both $S_{1}$ and $S_{2}$ are false
answered Apr 19 in Compiler Design 232 views
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Suppose that in $500$ memory references there are $50$ misses in the first level cache and $20$ misses in second level cache. Assume miss penalty from the $L_{2}$ cache to memory is $100$ cycles. The hit time of $L_{2}$ cache is $20$ cycle. The hit time of $L_{1}$ cache is $10$ cycles. If there are $2.5$ memory references per instruction. How many average stall cycle per instruction?
answered Apr 18 in CO and Architecture 1.4k views
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Suppose that in 250 memory references there are 30 misses in first level cache and 10 misses in second level cache. Assume that miss penalty from L$_2$ cache memory are 50 cycles. The hit time of L$_2$ cache is 10 cycles. The hit time of the L$_1$ cache is 5 ... 1250 number of cycles with given misses = 1800 stall cycles = 1800-1250 = 550 number of stalls/instruction= 550/200 = 2.75 please verify
answered Apr 18 in CO and Architecture 1.7k views
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For parameters $a$ and $b$, both of which are $\omega(1)$, $T(n) = T(n^{1/a})+1$, and $T(b)=1$. Then $T(n)$ is $\Theta (\log_a \log _b n)$ $\Theta (\log_{ab} n$) $\Theta (\log_{b} \log_{a} \: n$) $\Theta (\log_{2} \log_{2} n$)
answered Feb 14 in Algorithms 3.4k views
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Consider the following C functions. int fun1(int n) { static int i= 0; if (n > 0) { ++i; fun1(n-1); } return (i); } int fun2(int n) { static int i= 0; if (n>0) { i = i+ fun1 (n) ; fun2(n-1) ; } return (i); } The return value of $\text{fun}2 (5)$ is _________
answered Feb 12 in Programming 2.3k views