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Answers by sripo

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Which one test series should I purchase for that it will help me all types of computer science related exam like:: PSU,NVS,KVS,CIL,CRIS,BEL,BARC,ISRO ,IBPS SO,SBI SO . ....
answered Jan 18, 2019 in GATE 705 views
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The variable cost $(V)$ of manufacturing a product varies according to the equation $V=4q$, where $q$ is the quantity produced. The fixed cost $(F)$ of production of same product reduces with $q$ according to the equation $F=\dfrac{100}{q}$. How many units should be produced to minimize the total cost $(V+F)$? $5$ $4$ $7$ $6$
answered Jan 16, 2019 in Quantitative Aptitude 2.5k views
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Which approach should be followed: Finishing subtopics and giving test series simultaneously or finishing the full syllabus first and then taking the test series, in December-January? Also, I have heard that Made Easy test series have a lot of errors. Then which one to take?
answered Dec 26, 2018 in Study Resources 331 views
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I am getting 40 as answer,but correct answer given was 41. I have counted >>= as one token but ,in solution it was counted two.
answered Dec 21, 2018 in Compiler Design 3.6k views
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A value of $x$ that satisfies the equation $\log x + \log (x – 7) = \log (x + 11) + \log 2$ is $1$ $2$ $7$ $11$
answered Nov 23, 2018 in Quantitative Aptitude 664 views
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How to distinguish between a problem which is (undecidable) and which is (undecidable but partially decidable); or rather for a given problem how to say in which category it falls?
answered Nov 14, 2018 in Theory of Computation 168 views
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Which one of the following statements is FALSE? Context-free grammar can be used to specify both lexical and syntax rules Type checking is done before parsing High-level language programs can be translated to different Intermediate Representations Arguments to a function can be passed using the program stack
answered Nov 10, 2018 in Compiler Design 5.4k views
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Can anyone explain me the answer in detail?
answered Nov 10, 2018 in Algorithms 240 views
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Given an array of distinct integers A[1, 2,…n]. Find the tightest upper bound to check the existence of any index i for which A[i]= i. (a) O (1) (b) O (log n) (c) O (n) (d) None of these Solution: Option (c)
answered Nov 10, 2018 in Algorithms 58 views
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Consider the given below languages L1 and L2. L1= {pnqmrmsn | m,n ≥ 0} L2= {pnqnrmsm | m,n ≥ 0} Select the correct statement about, L such that L= (L1 U L2 ) – (L1 ꓵ L2 ) 1. L is CFL but not DCFL 2. L is regular 3. L is CSL but not CFL 4. L is DCFL but not regular i know that L is representing the EX-OR of L1 and L2, couldn't visualize as how it will be cfl. please help.
answered Nov 10, 2018 in Theory of Computation 198 views
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Let $L$ be the set of all binary strings whose last two symbols are the same. The number of states in the minimal state deterministic finite state automaton accepting $L$ is $2$ $5$ $8$ $3$
answered Oct 16, 2018 in Theory of Computation 7.6k views
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Amongst the properties $\left\{\text{reflexivity, symmetry, anti-symmetry, transitivity}\right\}$ the relation $R=\{(x, y) \in N^2|x \neq y\}$ satisfies _________
answered Oct 6, 2018 in Set Theory & Algebra 1.8k views
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Consider the processes P1, P2, P3 arrived in the sequence P2, P3, P1 and the burst time of the processes are 3, 3, 24 respectively. What is the average TAT??
answered Jan 14, 2018 in Operating System 2.2k views