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Assume that in a certain computer, the virtual addresses are $64$ bits long and the physical addresses are $48$ bits long. The memory is word addressible. The page size is $8$ kB and the word size is $4$ bytes. The Translation Look-aside Buffer (TLB) in the address translation path has $128$ valid ... without any TLB miss? $16 \times 2^{10}$ $256 \times 2^{10}$ $4 \times 2^{20}$ $8 \times 2^{20}$
comment edited Feb 7, 2019 in Operating System 8.3k views
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Virtual memory increases context switching overhead ? Why why not ?
answered Jan 22, 2019 in Operating System 210 views
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Can someone plz differentiate between: Compile time binding 2. Static binding 3. Static linking 4. Link time binding AND Dynamic binding 2. Dynamic linking 3. Run time binding
asked Jan 22, 2019 in Operating System 61 views
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An access sequence of cache block addresses is of length $N$ and contains n unique block addresses. The number of unique block addresses between two consecutive accesses to the same block address is bounded above by $k$. What is the miss ratio if the access sequence is passed through a cache of ... $\left(\dfrac{1}{N}\right)$ $\left(\dfrac{1}{A}\right)$ $\left(\dfrac{k}{n}\right)$
commented Jan 11, 2019 in CO and Architecture 12k views
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degree of multiprogramming is controlled by which scheduler and how?
commented Jul 21, 2018 in Operating System 1.6k views