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Full name: Dhananjay Kumar Sharma
Location: Kolkata
GATE Year: 2017
GATE Rank: 265
Home State: Bihar
About: Long way to go before I sleep !!! - NIT-JSR ( ECE) - IIT-B (CSE).

vijay (cognizant) - My elder brother.
Ashish(Isro) - my fb id - Best friend.
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Jul 9 by set2018  
there is no rule to solve silly mistake problem other than practice and read that question well before mark.
Jan 20 by Bikram  
For your query i have to write here as you disabled private messages.

so to make concentrate need a good sleep :)
3 weeks are left , so in this time eat healthy, revise, give full-test but not so many(7 to 8 in max) and analyze ur mistakes.
sleep 8 hours each day and relax. Don't think much about result and anxiety ,
read question properly in exam, before mark think once are you right. thats it.
Jan 20 by Bikram
sir i beg you please tell this question please please i touch your feet sir please
Oct 22, 2016 by LavTheRawkstar  
Sep 26, 2016 by vijaycs  



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