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Galvin, 9th edition on page 146 states that Shared memory can be faster than message passing, since message-passing systems are typically implemented using system calls and thus require the more time-consuming task of kernel intervention. In shared-memory systems, system ... I agree that shared memory is bound to be faster, but aren't the mutex and semaphore calls require Kernel intervention?
commented May 6, 2019 in Operating System 155 views
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Can anyone please compare the level of Questions in BARC and ISRO.
asked Feb 19, 2019 in BARC 257 views
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If $C$ is a skew-symmetric matrix of order $n$ and $X$ is $n\times 1$ column matrix, then $X{^T} CX$ is a scalar matrix null matrix unit matrix matrix will all elements $1$
commented Feb 17, 2019 in Linear Algebra 1.8k views
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Does anyone have any idea on what is the cut off for BARC interview via gate score?
commented Feb 13, 2019 in BARC 263 views
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Consider the following two statements about database transaction schedules: Strict two-phase locking protocol generates conflict serializable schedules that are also recoverable. Timestamp-ordering concurrency control protocol with Thomas' Write Rule can generate view serializable schedules that are not ... Which of the above statements is/are TRUE? I only II only Both I and II Neither I nor II
commented Feb 8, 2019 in Databases 5.2k views
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with respect to the B+ TREE index method .select the true statements? 1 records are physically stored in primary key order 2 B+ tree use a hashing algo. 3 the index tree may become unbalanced as a result of updates 4 none of the above
commented Feb 2, 2019 in Databases 448 views
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The number of possible commutative binary operations that can be defined on a set of $n$ elements (for a given n) is ___________.
commented Feb 1, 2019 in Set Theory & Algebra 2.3k views
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Is the dual of TOSET, a TOSET always?
commented Jan 31, 2019 in Set Theory & Algebra 116 views
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commented Jan 31, 2019 in Set Theory & Algebra 70 views
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in a round robin scheduling s represents the time of context switching, q represents the time quantum and r represents the average time the process runs before blocking on i/o. if s<q<r, then cpu efficiency? a )q/q+s b) q/r+s c) r/r+s d) qr/r+s
answered Jan 27, 2019 in Operating System 1.2k views
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Which of the following statements on Viable Prefixes is incorrect? A viable prefix does not extend past the right end of the handle For any context-free grammar, the set of viable prefixes is a regular language A viable prefix by default is a suffix of the handle As long as a parser has viable prefixes on the stack no parsing error has been detected
commented Jan 26, 2019 in Compiler Design 266 views
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S - >aSb | c Give viable prefix for this with details of how to find viable prefix? for string - - aacbb
commented Jan 26, 2019 in Compiler Design 234 views
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given Grammar E → E + E E → E * E E → ( E ) E → id Find set of handles and viable prefixes for the input string id1 + id2 * id3
commented Jan 26, 2019 in Compiler Design 1.1k views
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Which of the following is true? Mealy and Moore machine are language acceptors. Finite State automata is language translator. NPDA is more powerful than DPDA. Melay machine is more powerful than Moore machine.
commented Jan 25, 2019 in Theory of Computation 340 views
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Which of the following problems is/are P-problems? I. Equivalence of DFA's II. Equivalence of NFA III. Equivalence of RE (a) Only I (b) Only I and II (c) Only II and III (d) All
answered Jan 25, 2019 in Theory of Computation 75 views
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A ripple counter with J-K flip-flop can be made to count down rather than up by i. Connecting the Q dash output to the input of the next stage, rather than the Q output ii. Making the output transition to occur at the rising edge rather than the falling edge iii. Designing ... for up counter the output will be 0,1,2,3.... and if we invert the binary output of each gate then the count is reversed.
commented Jan 25, 2019 in Digital Logic 122 views
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Q.Consider a four labeled 1, 2, 3, 4. The number of distinct binary tree are possible such that whose inorder traversal is 1, 2, 3, 4 are _________ Answer must be 14 right ?
commented Jan 23, 2019 in Programming 443 views
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Let L = (0+1)*1(0+1)^(n−1) and following statements regrading language L: The language L can be recognised by a non-deterministic automaton with (n+1) states. Deterministic automaton recognises this language must have at least 2^n states. (Assume n≥1). Which of the following statement(s) is/ ... -------------- According to me, L can be written as (0+1)*1(0+1)* which makes option D most suitable.
asked Jan 22, 2019 in Theory of Computation 49 views
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In the diagram shown below, $L1$ is an Ethernet LAN and $L2$ is a Token-Ring LAN. An $IP$ packet originates from sender $S$ and traverses to $R$, as shown. The links within each $\text{ISP}$ and across the two $\text{ISP}$s, are all point-to-point optical links ... of the $\text{TTL}$ field is $32$. The maximum possible value of the $\text{TTL}$ field when $R$ receives the datagram is _______.
commented Jan 21, 2019 in Computer Networks 7.9k views
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Consider the context switch of a CPU from the context of process $P1$ to that of process $P2$. Consider the following two events in the chronological order of the events during the context switch. (P) The Stack Pointer (SP) shifts from pointing to the ... Both occur simultaneously via an atomic hardware instruction The relative ordering of $P$ and $Q$ varies from one context switch to the other
commented Jan 19, 2019 in Operating System 238 views
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Is different 2 phase locking a subset of each other? For example, if the schedule is Strict 2PL then it will also be simple 2PL. Something like a 2PL is a subset of Strict 2PL is a subset of rigorous 2PL.
asked Jan 18, 2019 in Databases 83 views
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Consider the following problem $X$. Given a Turing machine $M$ over the input alphabet $\Sigma$, any state $q$ of $M$ and a word $w \in \Sigma^*$, does the computation of $M$ on $w$ visit the state of $q$? Which of the following statements ... correct? $X$ is decidable $X$ is undecidable but partially decidable $X$ is undecidable and not even partially decidable $X$ is not a decision problem
commented Jan 8, 2019 in Theory of Computation 4.5k views
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How many bits can a 2-dimensional parity detect and correct? Is there any general formula for no of bit detection and correction for N-dimensional parity?
comment edited Jan 4, 2019 in Computer Networks 295 views
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Consider the following grammar G shown Below : S → abS | ScS | d | c The number of terminals in follow set of non-terminal S is ___________________ Is “$” symbol considered terminal?
commented Dec 30, 2018 in Compiler Design 264 views
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The best effort delivery services such as an IP does not include (a) error checking (b) datagram acknowledgment (c) error correction (d) All of these
commented Dec 3, 2018 in Computer Networks 145 views
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A is a 3 x 4 real matrix and A x = b is an inconsistent system of equations. The highest possible rank of A is:____________
commented Nov 18, 2018 in Linear Algebra 1.3k views
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The keys 44, 63, 29, 78, 23, 6, 81, 14, 13, 12 and 52 are inserted into an initially empty hash table of length 12 using linear probing with hash function h(k)= k mod 12. What is the probability that the 10th slot will be filled next? i. 11/12 ii. 1 ... slot is left which have a probability of filling as 1 because no matter what index we get for the next insert we are going to fill 10th slot only.
commented Nov 15, 2018 in DS 221 views
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Consider the following schedules: S1: r1(A); r1(B); w1(C); w2(D); w1(A); w2(A); r1(D); S2: r1(A); r1(B); r1(C); r1(D); w1(A); w2(B); w3(C); w4(D) Which of the following option is correct? S1 has blind writes ... also implies that the blind writes are considered at transaction level in the schedule. Please confirm.
asked Nov 11, 2018 in Databases 86 views