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Friends ,today i am going to share with you, the interview experience of IITH.But before that let me  give you a brief picture

About IIT h Mtech RA:

Okay,this is the Best scope for Low GATE scorers,and here low means really low.Such a score,where you can't even think about getting an IIT.But your CGPA has to be really high. As this is research oriented ,so faculties stress on CGPA more,which reflects our consistency.So with this hope i filled a form there.


At first they shortlisted some candidates where cuttoff was like 590 GS AND cgpa >8.8.And after some days they again revised it to 8.6+ and 560+(GENERAL CATEGORY) . So here i got a chance as my score was 575 (worst !!) and 8.78.


i turned up for the interview, and found that almost 70 people got shortlisted in which 52+ turned up. And guess what, i was the lowest score among General to turn up there.people with score 700+ was there ,as they turned up for TA and continued to stay till RA. So i understood that i have no chance Here.

For this large candidate at first they conducted a written test. the questions were

1.if we toss 100 coins ,what is the probability of getting AT LEAST one Head?

2.Write a program to find two maximum numbers of array. algo like DFS

as the questions were very easy so i thought chance gone..but then they conducted technical interview ,for ALL..

6-8 panels was my panel there was 3 teachers, and questions were like...

T=teacher M=Me here

T: Introduce yourself

M: told

T:so why you dropped a year ,while you had a job?


T: but your score have not improved

M: but i don't regret to give one year for concept

T: great!


T: what is your favourite subject


T: tell me how may Keys in DB you know, as much as you can.

M:told all .Primary,candidate,unique,super and many more


T:what is B tree and B+ tree


T:why we need Both of them , write a query in two different way and explain where we should use B and B+


T:how can i know the 3rd last node of Linked list in One pass

M:(ab aya uth pahar ke niche) Told

then there wer some questions from algo.

Lesson: whatever subject you choose,algorithm Ds is the king of interviewer's choice.


so after one hour results came, Depending on Written+interview  25 people got shortlisted. many 650,700 scorer was not able to crack it.

then there was a HR type interview where we had to write our project preference and all faculties were present in a single panel.they asked me question like Why mtech RA,why Machine Learning etc.

then after a week results published 17 people selected, i was not...i was disappointed ,then on 24th July i got a mail,

"dear candidate ,congratulation !..." Best lines of My life

SO, the lowest scorer to turn up there , has got selected..


LESSON: GATE is just an examination.You have other ways to find success


PS: as i am superstitious, so when GATE gone bad, i opened this account in GO, my original account is aboveallplayer in Gateoverflow :)

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Thanks .:) Udipta or aboveallplayer or  No_name.

Congrats :) You got it because you wanted it :)
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