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The height of a binary tree is the maximum number of edges in any root to leaf path. The maximum number of nodes in a binary tree of height $h$ is:

  1. $2^h -1$

  2. $2^{h-1} -1$

  3. $2^{h+1} -1$

  4. $2^{h+1}$

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If height of tree tree start with 0 then? I think answer depends on whether height start from zero or 1. Correct me if I am wrong

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$2^{h+1} - 1$ just try this taking a small complete binary

never try to remember these formulae as remembering formulae is an overhead try to take examples in such cases.
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At maximum tree is given as above

So maximum height = 2 (15 - > 10 -> 8) or other all are same height

Put h = 2 in option and find number of nodes

A- 22 -1 = 3  wrong 

B- 21-1 = 1 wrong 

C- 23-1 = 7 correct

D- 23 = 8 wrong 

SO option C is correct option

answered by Loyal (6.6k points)
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height H=0 ( only root node ) , no of node N=1=20

H=1 , N=21

... so on 

total =20 +21+22+.......2H =2H+1-1

Ans is C

answered by Active (2.3k points)

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