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Match the following:

(P) SMTP (1) Application layer
(Q) BGP (2) Transport layer
(R) TCP (3) Data link layer
(S) PPP (4) Network layer
    (5) Physical layer


  1. P - 2, Q - 1, R - 3, S - 5
  2. P - 1, Q - 4, R - 2, S - 3
  3. P - 1, Q - 4, R - 2, S - 5
  4. P - 2, Q - 4, R - 1, S - 3
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Answer: Option (B).

P - 1, Q - 4, R - 2 is Self Explanatory, but for S-PPP , refer:

In terms of the OSI model, PPP provides Layer 2, or data-link, service. PPP is a full-duplex protocol that can be used on a variety of physical media, including twisted pair copper wire, fiber optic lines or satellite links. PPP uses a variation of High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) for packet encapsulation.

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Answer is B
SMTP is an application layer protocol used for e-mail transmission.
TCP is a core transport layer protocol.
BGP is a network layer protocol backing the core routing decisions on the Internet
PPP is a data link layer protocol commonly used in establishing a direct connection between two networking 

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BGP is a application layer protocol
BGP is n/w layer protocol,it is used to scale OSPF efficiently.

doubt : but Wikipedia says BGP is application layer protocol

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I guess answer is (b) here.PPP is a data link layer protocol
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Correct answer is :: P - 1, Q - 4, R - 2, S - 3

SMTP is application layer protocol but take help of TCP for activation over link for transfering mail.

TCP:: It is transport layer protocol.

BGP:: Border Gateway procoly is used to connect two AS and used in Network layer.

While PPP:: Point to point connection with the help of MAC will come under the category of Data Link layer.
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The answer is (C). PPP - refers to Point to Point Protocol which falls under Physical Layer.
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