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The number of distinct minimum spanning trees for the weighted graph below is _____

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One can use Kirchof's theorem to get distinct minimum spanning trees .....

I guess, Kirchoff's theorem is used to find total no. of spanning Trees, not the MSTs?

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$6$ is the answer. 

$2\times3=6$ possibilities


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Sir,could you explain? actually i want to know if there is any shortcut for finding total number of minimum spanning trees of a Graph.
The steps i have taken to answer this question
1.I used krushkal's algorithm for finding all the minimum spanning trees.
2..Then i counted all the total no of minimum spanning trees.
But that is a lengthy process & takes some time..So i want to know.. is there any other method for fining it easily? Waiting for your Reply :)
Consider any cycle in a MST- the maximum weighted edge won't be in MST- if there are multiple edges of same max. weight- we get multiple MSTs. This property can be used, though not straight forward.
sir, is there any formula to find no of spanning tree?
nice explanation @Arjun sir
I Think that the answer might be 9! we have 3 possibilities on the left and 3 on the right.
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Delete all 2 edges and try to form spanning tree but you cannt

Therefore there there are 3 choices for

Upper right section and 2 for bottom triangle
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