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Consider a relation examinee (regno, name, score), where regno is the primary key to score is a real number.

Write an SQL query to list the regno of examinees who have a score greater than the average score.

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There are many ways to write a query, all of which will perform the same task. One way is:

SELECT regno
FROM examinee
WHERE score > (SELECT AVG(score)
               FROM examinee )

Here, the inner query is returning the average of the scores. And outer query selects those regno that have a score greater than this average.

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What are some other ways of writing it?
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SELECT regno
FROM examinee
HAVING score > avg(score)
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✌ Edit necessary (MRINMOY_HALDER “Query is incorrect grammatically”)
As far as I know Having keyword can only be used with aggregate functions (like AVG,COUNT,MIN,MAX). So this is not correct.
SELECT regno
FROM examinee
GROUP BY score
HAVING score > avg(score)

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