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Nobody knows how the Indian cricket team is going to cope with the difficult and seamer-friendly wickets in Australia.

Choose the option which is closest in meaning to the underlined phrase in the above sentence.

  1. Put up with.
  2. Put in with.
  3. Put down to.
  4. Put up against.
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3 Answers

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Answer is (A)

The closest meaning to cope with is put up with which means to tolerate. Cope with does not mean to place someone into competition with someone else.
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cope = "Deal with reasonably well despite some difficulty; come to terms with"

I totally agree with you. check out my explanation..
google put up with to see the meaning as tolerate/endure.
check this link :

for the meaning of put up against.
Now read the question again, it says about the difficult and seamer-friendly wickets in Australia rather than the Australian team it self.
So, clearly the Indian team has to endure the conditions in Australia rather than compete with the conditions in Australia

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option d

put up with: tolerate
put in with: to partner with
put down to: attribute
put up against: to place someone into competition with someone else

option d is correct......because as per searching in google.....for put up against it shows "cope" as synonyms.....

option d is not appropriate.
Because "put up against" can only be used as "put up 'someone' against 'someone' "

eg. Aaa puts up Bbb against Ccc for boxing match.
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