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A chained hash table has an array size of $100$. What is the maximum number of entries that can be placed in the table ?

  1. $100$
  2. $200$
  3. $10000$
  4. There is no upper limit
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3 Answers

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since chained hash table is based on linked list . in case of collision new element will be added to the end of linked list which have no limit hence ans is D
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@Sanjay Sharma Sir,Where is it mentioned that the hash table is implemented in the form of a linked list?
chained  hash table is mentioned which means hash table in form of linked list
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There is no upper limit.
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@Digvijay Pandey,what if the hash table is implemented in the form of a circular linked list?Then how about it's size?

Use any data structure but asnwer is same we can add new element in circular linked list. right ?

Circular linked list get memory i heap area hence no limit. i think you confused between circular array in linked list. 

@Anu007,can you relate in terms of size? In case of circular linked list the address in last element points to the first one. In case of array I do agree it'll be incremental. BUt what if the element is inserted in the end in circular linked list. Say?
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In Chained hash table, Linked list is used to add items, so it is depends on the memory size of system... So for now we can say we can store unlimited number of elements.
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