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This exam is part of GATE Book Test Series and available only by Subscription. You can subscribe for this from the GATE Book website following the below link

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GO Users who have verified their account and having > 10000 userpoints will get free access to the tests. 

PS: GO is just hosting this exam and is not part of question framing or solution making for GB Test Series, though many of the answers are voluntarily given by GO users and errors corrected as and when noticed. All payment and refund must be done directly with GATE Book website. 

posted Nov 26, 2018 in Others by Veteran (384,333 points)
edited Nov 27, 2018 by | 5,123 views


@Arjun sir,

i have paid for gatebook test series and also mailed them payment id ..but didn't got login credentials yet..wht procedure to follow sir ..

Those who paid should contact GB and not me for getting access.

@GATEBOOK : im not able to access test, i paid money. please fix this asap.

@Arjun sir please check this one

what's the problem with that @Mk Utkarsh

is only updating the answer or something else ?

Only answer updation
I have paid the fees. How to access  tests now? For taking exams, it says to login, but registration is disabled
Arjun Sir please add more tests of gate overflow like which you added for compiler design.
You will be automatically logged in when u click login button. Tests numbered 1,2 are free - you can check on those. For paid ones you can send your GO email id to gatebook to get access.
@suyash sorry. Not possible before GATE. This year was not planned for making questions.
@Arjun Suresh Sir Where to send my GO EMail ID for getting access? I have already send this information through Contact us page of GateBook

@Arjun Sir, I think there are some questions in Gatebook mock 2 which needs some edit and answer updation.

I thought it would be better to post the links here rather than tagging you there on every post.


Ans updation


Ans vertification


Ans verification


Question edit

Thanks a lot Sir. I gave a wrong link in point 3. Now have edited the comment. Please check.

Thank you @MiNiPanda Fixed. 

@Arjun Sir,

Marks not being awarded for this question even after attempting and giving the right answer. The result shows "Not attempted".

And the answer here is wrong

@ sir

please check this one

i think answer for this one is $-32$

GO is an open source to help the gate aspirants who are not financially sound to pay the fees. And now you want students to subscribe to your test series. Then better host the tests somewhere else why to host it in the GO site.

@Sangam Its totally the user's wish whether he/she wants to subscribe to it or not :O  GateBook has its own site as well to host the exams.. Here, there are tests available on every subject which are free I guess..also one free mock test as well..




"GO is an open source to help the gate aspirants who are not financially sound to pay the fees"

Who told you this? At least 90% of GO users dont have any financial issue. I know someone does spread rumor that free stuffs dont have standard and so to subscribe to him. GO was made for everyone to use and thats why it is free. It is not a scholarship to financially weak people. 

Those who have given GB tests in their site and in GO can know the difference and that is why their tests are on GO. Actually it is on my request GATE Book gave their tests to be hosted on GO and also gave all the tests free for contributors of GO.

@Arjun sir, i think A is correct. Please check

Corrected 👍

  sir please see this

I think the answer will be $-32$ but they give $32$

Yes that should be -32.
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