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posted Nov 26 in Others by Veteran (366,869 points)
edited Nov 27 by | 2,246 views


Probably you registered after they had sent me the student list which was actually a month ago.
Yaa correct sir will i not get access?
You will -when they send me the new list.
Will it take time for generating new list sir?
I have to consult an astrologer.

@Arjun sir, kindly please check the links of tests which are posted more than one week ago...

in the list of GATEBOOK exam, from 16-27, those links are not opening ( displaying the page of isn't redirected properly) ...

is it happening only for me, or for all ?

Sir i attempted gb2019-toc2 and sir few questions with non-numerical options were asking for numerical input due to which these questions are marked as incorrect even if they are correct. Please check sir

Yes same issue in DBMS test too

@Mk Utkarsh Corrected now; your result should be updated now. 

@Akash Dinkar Which DBMS test? 

Arjun sir, Please allow all the users of GO for the test.
Tests are of GB, you can ask them for same.

Sir 1 more correction, both B and D options are same

Please tag me in the respective question page

@kumar.dilip Talked to GB. If anyone notifies at least 3 approved errors in the free tests they'll get free access to all the tests.

For other people who have not been able to access the tests despite buying them, Gatebook told me that by this weekend people who have bought it also should get the access and they are working on it.
As of now it is not clear which tests are free -- will be made visible soon. Mostly subject tests with numbers 1,2 are free.

 sir if we are going to consider answer incorrect  also then from my side i only gave one test of os and mistakes i found  ...

see answer from this link----> according to it answer is both a and c.....

but in gb test only answer given c i type a so incorrect

question no 12..........

2) ques 15 .....

i think answer will be 6 as only child fork is available here ....

not 31 as we are not applying fork on parent

3)now in this question

see round robin time rt -2   in answer in round robin option they just put at starting p1 and p1 again two times whereas clearly in 2 sec p2 is came so ....   so why p1 came back two times..

i know i attempt this test very carelessly as there are many calculations there for these things like waiting time etc  so i m just blindly doing questions for knowledge during test....

if any of mistakes are not really mistakes then it will also clear my some concept


Arjun Sir

i am not able to write the exam... the pages are not correctly redirecting for me, can you check once?

@Deepanshu First one is debatable but the given answer is best if we have to choose one option. Still including this as a valid error.

Second one is not wrong - given answer is correct.

Third one is wrong, corrected now. So, you got 2 points so far for notifying wrong answers.

@Shaik Masthan Can you try in a different browser or by clearing the cookies? Not able to replicate the issue. 

 sir sorry about 2nd question ,  but i never saw first statement there till now iwas just doing 2 and 3 rd satements  exceution there ...

It's fine. You have to be careful in actual exam.

Can you try in a different browser or by clearing the cookies? Not able to replicate the issue. 

with different browser it is working sir :)

Thank you sir @Arjun

@Arjun sir please look into this question

@Arjun sir

check this question i think answer given is incorrect and i've added my answer

@Arjun sir I have subscribed to Gatebook test series and got Username and password ,  now how I will be able to get access to GB tests.

@Arjun sir I think answer given is incorrect. ans should be option A.


sir Most of the answers were given wrong, can you please check

Yes, Corrected, many were wrong. Anything more to be corrected?

solutions for answers are not given for GATEBOOK-2019 DM3: Set Theory & Algebra , please do the needful as I am having many doubts regarding the answers given

@Shaik Done. Good performance 👍

@Arjun-Sir can you please check the formatting here.I don't have the original question, so I am doubtful of making changes.

How many child processes will be created for this one GATEBOOK.

6 child process are there,

@Arjun sir I have started taking subject wise test of GO(Bikram sir). Some questions are ambiguous and need correction. Shall I send you list of such questions after each test so that tests will be error free. 

@Learner_jai did u ran it on compiler?


the answer given by ayush is correct... check it !

For these type of personal doubts, make comment on

@tusharp sure. 👍

@Arjun sir please check these questions (Computer Networks) - Question needs to be framed properly - decimal value not taken into consideration.(Confusion of K for data and bandwidth) - can't conclude about it but generally everyone will interpret it as binary. - asked for stop and wait. Answer is given for sliding window optimal size. 


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