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Consider the following C program

    int x, y, m, n;
    scanf("%d %d", &x, &y);
    /* Assume x>0 and y>0*/
    m = x; n = y;
    while(m != n)
            if (m > n)
                m = m-n;
                n = n-m;
    printf("%d", n);

The program computes

  1. $x+y$ using repeated subtraction

  2. $x \mod y$ using repeated subtraction

  3. the greatest common divisor of $x$ and $y$

  4. the least common multiple of $x$ and $y$

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2 Answers

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It is a simple algorithm of gcd

here while loop executes until $m==n$

take any two number as $m$,$n$ and compute it , get the answer

Ans will be (C)

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c) euclidean algorithm
answered by Junior (901 points)

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