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How can i keep motivated during fulltime gate preparation?
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Think about life after you get into IIT.

1) Respect in Family

2) Respect in Society

3) Respect for family in society

4) Respect in tech community

5) At least 1 Lakhs per month salary

6) You can easily be part of Management of any Big companies

7) If you go for startup, you can easily get funding

8) If you pitch your idea, in front of your friend, he will ready to work with you

9) You will be IITian for Life

10) Your son/daughters will be proud that his dad is IITian

11) Your wife will be prouder

13) Your friends will be proudest

lab lab lab lab..... 

Imagine this, and you will be ready to die even, for one year. Studying is a very small thing. 

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its so motivating...........

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