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What will be the time complexity for the following recurrence relation?

$T(n) = 8\sqrt{n} T(\sqrt{n})+(log n)^{2}$

According to me it is $\Theta (n(logn)^{3})$ . Please confirm.
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Correct me if i am wrong

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Thanks for the answer. I am having a little difficulty in understanding. Please have a look at my answer using Master Theorem.

we cannot apply master's theorem here because the no of subproblems should be >=1 or (a>=1).

when you reduce size of subproblem by log in s function why you have not taken log of m^2.

it should be ,P(m)=8P(m/2)+2logm/m

@arnab ...could you please elaborate last step ...

n(1/2+1/4+1/8+1/8....1/2^k) < n(1/2+1/4+1/8+...) = n(0.5/0.5)= n

T(n) <= 8k*n

T(n) = O(n(logn)3)
I hope that you have understood now

@Arnab please elaborate 3rd step

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