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Hello everyone,

I want to ask some questions related to data science and GATE.

First, how to launch career in Data science field? What is role of GATE score in this career?

Second, Which college/university has good data science / machine learning course? Suggest good college names (Not limited to IITs)

Third, What is GATE cutoff in this course collge-wise?

Fourth, core data science companies are visiting IITs/IISc? Means what is placements scenario at various premier colleges? Give idea on package information also.

Fifth, Should I prepare for GATE and then start data science related work in one of the premier institute? or Should I directly learn data science from online certifications or take PG diploma courses at private universities like "MANIPAL" or any other college ?(Without GATE option)   So which way will be having more returns, more practical approach and more value in data science industry? Please guide on this last question specifically and answer all doubts with detailed insights.

Thanks for reading such post. Please do answer and help someone like me.

Thanks in advance for your answer.
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Strong foundation on applied statistics,programming and linear algebra is enough to start with ML and analytics.Best book to start is intro to prob & stats for engg and scientists-sheldon ross. It is good if you get into a full time course,part time course is not enough for this.Premier institutes are generally much better but if you dont have enough option you can join private ones but you have to depend too much on yourself and peers as faculties are not very good.

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First of all You Don't need to go for GATE or IITies. To become an awesome data scientist or a ML expert, you might need in-depth knowledge of machine learning, artificial intelligence, parallel computing in clusters, and a good deal of core statistics.

These are very specific areas and its a fraction of the syllabi covered in ME / MTech. Also, the depth that is required to work at the cutting edge of these domains are not provided in the masters level. You might have to pursue a Ph.D to gain true expertise in these areas.

One more thing, data scientists need to ask the right questions and formulate the right hypothesis to prove or disprove, apart from making it easily digestible for other departments of a company. The business sense and the communication skills are extremely important - you will not get that in academics.

So my suggestion is take some focussed MOOCs like Andrew NG's Machine Learning course on Coursera to begin with, do small projects by making use of Python's data science libraries, participate in Kaggle competitions, learn R, learn some core statistics.

If you are interested in data engineering, learn the big data tools like Hadoop, Mapreduce, Pig, Hive, etc.

No MTech course in India will make you industry ready. So invest your own time in building right skillset besides doing your day job, and then look for the right opportunities in data science.

Good Luck!!!

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