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Consider the following statements with respect to IPv6 :
S1 : IPv6 packet has field for the header checksum.
S2 : It has an explicit extension header for fragmentation.
S3 : It has encrypted security payload (ESP) extension header that ensures the integrity of the data.
Which of the given statements is correct?

A Only S1 and S3

B Only S2 and S3

C Only S2

D None of these

Given answer is B

But does ESP provides integrity.? I know that integrity is provided by auth. extension header and confidentiality by ESP.But can ESP provides message integrity also?

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Services by auth. extension header $\subseteq$ ESP.
I understand what you are trying to say.But does confidentiality includes message integrity or is it a separate functionality
only s2


Confidentiality means "after doing eavesdropping of your communication. still a bad guy can not able to understand your communication, because your data is already encrypted"

this Feature is given by already given by ESP, but not by AH.

While message integrity means "A bad guy can not able to modified your communicated data"

@rahul How is S2 true? I think fragmentation is not done in IPv6.
it is present in option field which we have known as Extention header,
Authentication header do not provide privacy and confidentiality but ESP provide all security principle like confidentiality, integrity,avail availab, protection against replay  attack

So answer B

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Correct Option (B)

ESP Ensure the Integrity of data, it uses mostly SHA-1 algo for message digest and put the ipsec header and tailor in the transport layer packet. This modified packet helps to maintain the message integrity which means prevention of modification of data, thus it does not allow any modification of data. because any modification can easily be caught at sender side.

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i selected c only but they have given b

Also see comment by @Anu007 which suggests answer as b 

sorry @rahul, it's just a typo mistake, and anyway 1Pv6 has an explicit extension header for fragmentation.
Confidentiality means intruder cannot see the contents. But can he/she modify it? I mean to say let A send message to B.

Now confidentiality says nobody has seen the message. But at receiver side how does it guarantee that the message is the same that is sent by A?

confidentiality means intruder can see the data (but which is encrypted or encoded) which can not be interpreted by the intruder and thus she can not able to get anything by just doing eavesdropping.

After Confidentiality just defined that your data is interpreted(not going to be hear by any person) but we still can't stop the intruder to modifying the data. To stop her from this need to include message integrity feature also.
Then how does confidentiality includes integrity?Isn't it a separate feature?

@Anu007 can you help here?
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