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Which of the following statements is correct in respect of TCP and UDP protocols?
(a) TCP is connection-oriented, whereas UDP is connectionless
(b) TCP is connectionless, whereas UDP is connection-oriented
(c) Both are connectionless
(d) Both are connection-oriented
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option a is correct only ...
Do we have IES for Computer Science also?
we don't have we ???
0 science candidates cannot attend IES exam. But questions from computer science will be asked for electronics candidates.

I shared those questions because similar type or level of questions may be asked for other nationwide exams for computer science candidates :)
who says computer science student not eligible for IES.
By saying " computer science candidates cannot attend ", I meant there is no "Computer Science" exam in IES. As far as I know CSE candidates can attempt other streams like electronics.

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option a is correct

in tcp/ip protocol suite the fourth layer is transport is process to process communication not node to uses two protocols for communication.



udp means user datagram protocol it is unreliable and connection less protocol it is used to send short messages where reliability is not reqired.

tcp is a connection oriented protocol before transmit the segments first establish the connection between source and destination then transfer data after that release the connection all these done by using three way hand shaking protocol.
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