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The number of distinct max heap are possible with keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are ________.
asked in DS by Active (2.3k points) | 220 views
Is it 8?
i'm getting 8?

2 Answers

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Total ways to arrange data is in 5 nodes is 5!.

Divide it by 5 as we have 5 nodes in descendant in of root including itself. Similarity 3 in root left child as we have 3 descendant for it including itself.

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answered by Loyal (9.1k points)
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Ans is 8

answered by Junior (627 points)
You sure, this is a correct approach, Bhai @OO7?
I solve most of the questions of this type with this approach and they satisfy with the given answers @iarnav
Okay! :)

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