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Which one of the following is NOT performed during compilation?

  1. Dynamic memory allocation
  2. Type checking
  3. Symbol table management
  4. Inline expansion
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3 Answers

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Dynamic means- at runtime. Dynamic memory allocation happens during the execution time and hence (A) is the answer.

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if option D) will be macro expansion, in place of inline expansion, then ans can be any one of A) or D) .


@srestha maam

what is the differnce between macro expansion and inline expansion

In which stage they happens ??


Macro is preprocessor. Macro expansion happens before even compilation started
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Symbol table management is done during compilation to store and retrieve the information
about tokens.

Type checking is one of the checks performed during the semantic analysis of
Inline expansion is a compiler optimization that replaces a function call by the body of
respective function.
Dynamic memory allocation is when an executing program request the operating system to
give it a block of main memory, so it is performed during the run time not during compile time.

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Dynamic memory allocation happens at run time only. Compiler only compiles instructions for dynamic memory allocation like malloc(), calloc().
answered by Loyal (9.3k points)

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