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I am really surprised by the way the expected score is changing in Pragy's App. I'm not asking if it has duplicate entries or anything like that, I know that the predictor is legit. However, what I'm concerned about is the expected score. My expected score goes down by some margin as and when someone with higher marks than me checks his/her response sheet. On the other hand, the reverse is not true. It doesn't increase by any margin (let alone significant) when the number of people who have lower marks than me increase.

I just want to know if there is a chance of deviating from this expected score, and by how much? Will it even increase anymore? Or it will only go further down as the number of people ahead of me increase?
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now it has 30k enteries. It must be stable as of now.

I found the formula of calculating the gate score but putting the required values in the variables is not fetching me the same score that it is showing here in gateoverflow.

The mean of top 0.1% scores affects the score according to the formula. 

I don't know whether this formula is the standard one used in Gate for evaluating score for all the years or it varies year wise.

Top 0.1% is estimated in the score calculator - not taken from sample directly. All I can say is your actual score won't be any lower than what you see now. It will be somewhere in between the current shown value and what was shown a week ago.
Okay..Thank you Sir.. feeling a bit relieved to know that the score won't go down further.. :)
by any chance is GO adding marks by itself so as to cover those candidates who have not checked their rank till now?becoz last year civil paper was definitely very easy as compared to this year. but rank showing is more or less same as last last year corresponding to same marks
GO is not adding any extra mark- anyway you can wait just 10 more days

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I. Think they have not used uniform distribution but some sort of exponential distribution

What it means is that whenever people lower than your rank increase that thing is already factored in the distribution so that is expected and not changes things much
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