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Hi please verify me

We can implement a stack using only one queue.

Like first insert into queue and for popping a element from stack dequeue n-1 element from queue and enque into queue and then pop last element and do the same each time......try it and verify that I am right or wrong?
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yes, assuming you know the size of stack/queue at each point. reference:

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please verify ur self first that when ur are doing n-1 dequeue where r u storing them .....nd now after popping desired element from where u r picking those n-1 elements to enqueing the into queue for further iterations.........................
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no it is possible.....when i m doing dequeue then i m inserting that element at the tail of queue also.

please do it on pen and paper
Lets suppose size of queue in of n elements only , then  i want to perform stack op , now according to u for pop first element u have to dequeue other n-1 elements ,now here is point where u will store all u have only place vacant.

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