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Which one of the following is not a client-server application?

  1. Internet chat
  2. Web browsing
  3. E-mail
  4. Ping
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2 Answers

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(A) Typical internet chat is a client/server app, since a client makes a connection to a central server and receives update. There are some chat systems that work on  a P2P model.

(B) Web browsing is client/server, where a browser is the client and the web page is served up by a server.

(C) E-mail is typically thought of as a client/server app, although hops will be made between POP servers.

(D) Ping uses ICMP protocol, and a ping client sends a request to a destination and gets back a response. It is a connection testing tool.

So, D is the answer

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ping is a utility to test whether a node is reachable in the network

it is not client server. all other application are client server
Additional info: Ping works using ICMP. If system A pings system B then system B doesn't know system A is pinging it.
Email is first sent to servers of gmail/yahoo whatever service provider you are using. Then when other person acces his mail via website he request the servers of gmail to deliver the stored mail.

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