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Purpose of a start bit in $\text{RS-232}$ serial communication protocol is:

  1. to synchronize receiver for receiving every byte
  2. to synchronize receiver for receiving a sequence of bytes
  3. a parity bit
  4. to synchronize receiver for receiving the last byte
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you might get a doubt whether the communication is synchronous serial communication or asynchronous serial communication

answer is asynchronous serial communication because they mention that start bit is RS-232

but in case of synchronous serial communication there is no start bit and end bit

3 Answers

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A) Because $\text{RS-232}$ requires a start before each byte transmission for synchronization.

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Why not B) ?
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 The start bit is used to signal the beginning of a byte and the stop bit is used to signal the end of a Byte. 

If question ask in synchronous serial communication then we need to append start bit for Frame , but since here it is not given so we need to assume asynchronous serial . Hence A is answer

Reffer : 

  1.  GATE2002-1.11
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which part of kurose and ross covers this communication portion?
btw your answer is better than others :)
Plz give the complete link .

@Anu007  is asynchronous always by default?? 

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Check my answer

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