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#include <stdio.h>

int main ()
  int c;
  while ((c = getchar ()) != EOF)
      putchar (c);
      printf ("*");

  return 0;

when i run this program, the output i get is as


q * w * e * r * t * y *                                                                                                        


i'm not getting how this last "*" is getting printed.

it has something to do with the return of putchar(). so how does putchar() function actually returns. i know that it returns after EOF is reached, so in that case , it won't print anything and printf("*") will get executed. but the thing is, why the last * is getting printed in the next line. is it like putchar() returns and shift the printing pointer to new line?

please clear my doubt.. 



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I think the new line we enter after character input is considered as input and then the last * is printed.
No no. It's not a new line, * is pritned in the next line only .Line spacing is there due to gateoverflow formatting.

I had given just one input qwerty and the output is there as shown.
In this output too there is a * at the end and plus one more at the end of 1st line of output. I'm not getting what's going on.

For I/p : qwerty

O/p will be : q*w*e*r*t*y* only

& If you I/p: qwerty(enter) 

O/p will be: q*w*e*r*t*y*




@Naveen Kumar 3

but how can i make output to get printed without pressing enter?

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The terminal always buffers the input characters until an EOF or newline character is reached, i.e. the terminal won't send any info to the C program until that happens. Once EOF or newline character is reached, only then the entered info is sent to the C program (along with the EOF/newline char)

For your case, you can test the output by providing the input in a file.

Create input.txt  which contains: qwerty

Assuming you are running windows, run the following to get the output: 

gcc program.c -o output.exe
output.exe < input.txt


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