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 If the Hamming distance between a dataword and the corresponding codeword is three, there are _____ bits in error.

  • A)   5 
  • B)   4 
  • C)   3 
  • D)   none of the above
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What does bits in error mean?

I understood that as how many bits got toggled (corrupted) while transmission Vikas Verma 

But the question never mentioned 'received' codeword for us to find the errors.

Unclear question I guess.
Yes, but may you explain bit more? Thank you! :)
Hamming distance is calculated between two data words, but here it is between dataword and codeword.

Note that the next dataword may or may not be at 3distance. As the question says the received data and sent data has 3bit difference we are assuming the system is capable of detecting 3 bit error

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The answer should be 3.

Because the Hamming distance between two words is the number of differences between corresponding bits.
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So here there's 3 bits are different, right? or 3 bit flips?
yes, there are 3 bits flipped
Thanks Shaik!
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3 .

Codeword (n) = Dataword (k) + (Extra bits(for error checking)) (r)

While Transmitting data from sender to receiver some of the bit may lost . to know this error we use error code which is verifed by receiver whether it is correct bit received or not.
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