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Given the 3-address code for a basic block:


The number of registers that are needed to allocate this basic block with no spills are ________.?

My doubt here is :

  1. Is there any difference in question asking for minimum numbers of registers and minimum number of variables required for 3 address code?
  2. Can’t we optimize the above code using code motion?
  3. If the question ask only for number of variables required in three address code ! do we need to optimize before counting?
  4. If the question ask for minimum number of variables required in three address code, Only then should we optimize the code before counting?
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if it is asking for minimum, always you have to do optimization on code

variables are nothing but registers only... i mean that T1 = some temporary register.

@Shaik Masthan Then answer to above question should be 2 only but ME solutions has given 4!

yes minimum = 2

@Shaik Masthan thank you :)


@Shaik Masthan

how 2?

At first here we are storing a,b,c,d in 4 registers



 there is no need of storing a,b,c,d into registers ,because  load instructions are there so we loading data from memory location to register so need of storing .

$2$ is minimum.

$T1 = a + b$

$T2 = T1 + c$

$T1 = T2 + d$ (we don't need a + b again so we can use T1)

$a = T1$

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