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I'm getting 63.67 marks in GATE 2019 with expected score 743 (OBC-NCL) (rank 500-530) according to pragy sir's app. I'm in final year of my BE, and have job offer as SE (Data science/NLP/CV domain) salary 6lpa.

My questions:

1. What should be my preference right now (Job/MTech) if I want to excel in AI/ML/DL and related technologies?

2. which college(s) can I get? Any chance of getting IITM TA?

Right now I'm confused whether I should do job for a year and then consider MTech or do it right away. Please guide.
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@Arjun sir please comment.

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If you really get into ML department, you will learn more than in an academic setting. Since things are already running and you need to learn how its done and then contribute. You also learn software engineering. It is also likely that your product will be used by millions. In addition you get money (for the first time in your life).

If money is not a problem, you can go for a Mtech. There you have free time and focus only on learning. Need to be self motivated. At job your motivation comes from money and colleagues (peer pressure).

Either way you will be fine, don't worry. Just go with what seems exciting.

@Pratik Patil

hello sir..what did u choose with this score and rank.. please tell 

This might help for many people.

and what offer u recieved in ccmt counselling?

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