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Indian currency notes show the denomination indicated in at least seventeen languages. If this is not an indication of the nation's diversity, nothing else is.

Which of the following can be logically inferred from the above sentences?

  1. India is a country of exactly seventeen languages.
  2. Linguistic pluralism is the only indicator of a nation's diversity.
  3. Indian currency notes have sufficient space for all the Indian languages.
  4. Linguistic pluralism is strong evidence of India's diversity.
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see thge question is very simple people are making it difficult surely the right answer is B as per the above statement given in the question if"nothing else is"was not given in the question then answer would have been D just because of"nothing else is" is given so it is option B
A is incorrect as it cannot be inferred that exactly 17 languages are there, because the statement says that there are atleast 17 languages on the currency note.   B is incorrect because of the word 'only' in the option, which is too strong to be inferred.   C is incorrect as it says 'space for all Indian languages', but the number of languages in India is not mentioned in the question.   D is correct as it can be easily inferred from the statement.

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Answer is (D) Linguistic pluralism is strong evidence of India's diversity.
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Option D is answer.

As from the question, it can be easily figured out that linguistic pluralism is indicating nation's diversity.
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Eliminate a because nothing mention only 7 language

B linguistics pluralism is not only indicator  false

C there is no talking about sufficient space  false

D correct


Mostly focus  exactly ,only  , some other conjunction to solve such type of questions

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