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I completed M.Tech(CSE(Information Security)). Am I eligible to write UGC NET for lecturship to work in Arts and Sciecne College. I am from Tamilnadu. As per UGC they just mentioned simply as master degree. I don't know what is the rules thery are following in Tamilnadu. Kindly clarify.
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ugc net is centralized nothing to do with rules of tamilnadu .since u r having masters u can surely give cbse net exam if u have scored more than 55%
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CBSE NET requires only B.Tech. rt?
There are 2 types of net  exam  one is CSIR-NET MEANT ONLY FOR B.TECH/and science subjects like PCM

and second is CBSE-NET (earlier UGC) meant for post graduates like MCA/Mtech/MCom/MA/and all other  subjects
@Sanjay Sharma: I could write CBSE-NET. No question about that. CBSE-NET is necessary condition but not sufficient condition to getting into Lecture job in Arts and Science college. If my master is M.C.A or M.Sc in Computer Science then no problem. But I have M.Tech. That I want to clarify. Please clarify.
every exam is just a neccessary condition no exam is sufficient condition to get job    with MCA/MSC/Mtech  u can write CBSE NET                                                                BTW   in graduation which course u have passed
@Sanjay Sharma: B.E in computer science and engg.
then  u r eligible for both versions of net
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Educational Qualification

1.Candidates should have completed their Masters’ Degree or Equivalent Degree within the following percentage criteria –

  • For General Category - 55% Marks
  • For ST/SC/OBC/PWD - 50% Marks
  • The candidates who have pursued their post-graduation in a field that is closely related to Computer Science Stream can only apply for UGC NET Computer Science Exam

Age Limit

1.For JRF: The candidates who are applying for the Junior Research Fellowship Exam must not age more than 28 years.

2. There is no upper age limit for Assistant Professor.

For more details related to Eligibility Criteria click here- UGC NET Eligibility Criteria Nov 2017 Exam.

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