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Is the answer B).

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Answer is B).

1. True as TDP uses LMD (left most deriviation) and BUP use reverse of RMD (right most deriviation).

2. True as recursive descent parser is a kind of top-down parser built from a set of mutually recursive procedures and LR parser which is BUP uses stack .

3. Backtracking is not for bottom up parser BUP as shift-reduce parser's efficiency is from doing no backups or backtracking.

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B) iii
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(i) it is correct as Top down parser does left most derivartion and bottom up uses right most derivation

(ii) it is not true because LL(1) is a top down parser which uses stack and input buffer.

(iii)it's correct, Backtracking is required in both when we reach to invalid point while derivation.

I think only (ii) is wrong


I found this question in kanodia's GATE preparation book.

Answer given is B

Explanation is given as no backtracking is used in top down parsing

Ohhh i didnt read the question well i thought the question is for correct option thats why....
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