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If dual has an unbounded solution, then its corresponding primal has

  1. no feasible solution
  2. unbounded solution
  3. feasible solution
  4. none of these
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Few properties of Primal and dual

1)The dual of dual linear programming problem is again the primal problem

2)If either the primal or dual problem has unbounded soln the other problem(dual or primal) has no feasible soln

3))If either the primal or dual problem has a finite optimal soln the other one also possesses the same and the optimal value of the objective function of 2 problems are same

so by property 2 ans is A 

note :unbounded soln means there is no limit  i.e away from the origin

        feasible soln :- if there is some common are between lines towards origin

        Unfeasible soln  : if there is no common shaded area between lines

for relationship between primal and dual refer

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