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Consider any array representation of an $n$ element binary heap where the elements are stored from index $1$ to index $n$ of the array. For the element stored at index $i$ of the array $(i \leq n)$, the index of the parent is

  1. $i-1$
  2. $\lfloor \frac{i}{2} \rfloor$
  3. $\lceil \frac{i}{2} \rceil$
  4. $\frac{(i+1)}{2}$
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2 Answers

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for node at index $i$

left $child(L)$ at $2$i

right $child(R)$ at $2i+1$

for node at index $i$

parent will be at floor $i/2$
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Ans is floor(i/2) ..

If index starts with 0 than Ceil(i/2)-1
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ans b)
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ans is B.

just draw the heap and number the elements.

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