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I started following since january this year , though I had done a lot of preparation before that , but there were many doubts in my mind about certain problems , so starting using this website and got lot of my doubts cleared with very good inputs from others , I think helped me gain extra few marks made a difference from  300+ rank to 159 my current rank in gate 2016 , so I would like to thank all the users of this site and best of luck for those who will be giving GATE 2017.


Thanks ,

Vikram Bhat , AIR 159  GATE 2016
Vikram Bhat posted in 2016 May 6, 2016

Although my rank is not so fancy but still GATEOverflow helped me a lot in getting good marks in GATE.It is best source  for cracking GATE with good marks. This is a place where you get a lot of questions in addition to previous year questions posted by students from all over the country. You can see the answers are well elaborated,nicely explained and by this way you will also come to know what is the quality of students sitting with you on the exam day.Experts like Arjun Suresh, Praveen Saini and others are always present to solve any doubts an aspirant can get. GATEOverflow book of previous year questions,along with answers is the best study material anyone will need. GATEOverflow answer key this time was 99%+ correct. Overall I can say that if you are preparing for Gate computer Science , using GATEOverflow is a MUST.
        Gatecse is best source of study material. I found best collection of books, links to various toppers blog and last years analysis.Gatecse is resource which any serious aspirant should know about.One should avoid studying local books as they are not even subset of standard books. One must always study from standard books. Moreover, I would suggest to prepare Mathematics well even though GATE CS has other stuffs, as Mathematics is the subject which if you study well then you have an edge over others who study other subjects and give lesser importance to Maths and it also carries a major portion of marks.Maths is the subject which you not only need for GATE but you will need it for the whole life in whatever you do.
    I want to thank founder of this website Arjun Suresh, for helping me and all the aspirants of GATE who look for coaching materials or other materials available in market as this is the only site which you one must follow whole heartedly  for succeeding in GATE. Keep doing good work and wishing all future aspirants good luck :)

Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta posted in 2016 Apr 8, 2016

The thing with Online learning is, that there are too many resources offering what you think you need (and in the process confusing you ), but only few that know what you exactly require and give you that.

Gateoverflow gives you exaclty what you require. I gave GATE 2015 and secured a rank of 1135 , This year however, with GATEOverflow's help , i ended up achieving AIR-96

Be it Previous year's questions , questions from random test series , or which college is better for what , or where should I go . If your question is related to GATE CSE , you will not be disappointed here. All you have to do is ask. A very big plus factor is that I got an insight, on how others were thinking, and I often learnt more than 1 way to solve a question ( Praveen Sir and Other previous GATE Toppers , Thanks For that )

I owe my good rank to this community, and the GateOverflow Book (a .pdf compilation of previous year questions with well explained answers, That was the icing on the cake for me  )

Talk about giving back to the society , I cannot thank Arjun Sir and Pragy enough , you guys have set a standard in helping students, 

Thanks a Ton

Ganesh - AIR 96, GATE-2016

ganeshk30 posted in 2016 Apr 7, 2016

Hi, I got AIR 4 in Gate Cse 2016. I will like to share about Gate Overflow.

Gate Overflow is a a very good website for Gate CSE Preparation. It has an edge over other preparation material & coaching classes.

  • It's free
  • you can learn from home(with comfort) - lots of time can be saved here
  • for a person studying from home, it gets difficult to create gate preparation environment , here in right side chat box people talk about Gate mostly. It helps in building the appropriate Environment for Gate at your Home.
  • I have noticed that coaching classes teach some extra things, that consume your time unnecessarily , so you can avoid those things here. you can choose what question to study & what not to , based on previous gate questions.
  • many gate toppers are here , so nice answers come - Its a very nice way , U directly get cream concepts.


Two things matter in Gate Preparation - right concepts & then practice those concepts - both u can get here.

You should extract Good Concepts from trusted, selected answers & practice a lot here.


Best wishes to all future Gate Aspirants.


Himanshu Agarwal 

AIR 4, Gate 2016

Himanshu1 posted in 2016 Apr 5, 2016 edited Apr 18, 2016 by Himanshu1
Gateoverflow is  not only the best online resource for previous year gate questions but also best resource for other related computer science exams like TIFR and many others. It is a forum where all your doubts get resolved, queries get answered by experts with lucid explaination. Gateoverflow has been important part of my gate preparation. It has been over an year I am user of Gateoverflow and I have learnt lot from here and still learning. I would suggest  you to use Gateoverflow book of previous year questions ,this will ensure that  you dont  miss any previous year question.

I would say Gatecse  is best available online resource for all computer science gate aspirants. Here you will get all information regarding gate i.e from preparation strategy to cutoffs and admission.Gateoverflow has listed  best  books and videos for all subjects do refer them.

Discussions on google docs and moodle were worth. It was like quick revision of all subjects. The best thing was discussion were carried accoring to schedule and all important and tough previous year questions were discussed.

I would like to thank Arjun Sir for his guidance and motivation.I would also like to thank Arjun Sir, Praveen Sir, Pragy Agarwal and entire Gateoverflow community for providing awesome and clear explainations over questions.

I would suggest all future gate aspirants to make best use of this platform. Wishing all future aspirants good luck.

Pooja Palod

AIR 51,2016
Pooja Palod posted in 2016 Apr 4, 2016 retagged Apr 5, 2016 by Himanshu1

I would like to share my experience from the point of view of student who had coaching. I joined Made Easy while I was in my final year. Some teachers were quite awesome but others were just fine. The most important advantage of joining coaching classes is that they make you regular in your studies other than that you have to do all the things by yourself. I started following Gateoverflow when there were 8-9 months left for the exam.

According to me, to get a good rank in GATE you'll need the following 3 resources:
1) : To get the clear and accurate explanations of all the previous year questions and other NON-GATE questions. Gateoverflow book contains all the questions compiled into pdf format and I highly recommend you to solve it THOROUGHLY!!!

2) : To guide you about how to do your preparation, books to study, lectures to watch, etc.

3) This group is going to play one the major roles in your pre-GATE as well as post-GATE preparation. Experts like Arjun Suresh, Praveen Saini, etc as well as other group members are going to help in your technical as well non-technical queries.

You shouldn't get affected by the questions that you are able to solve easily but the ones that you're not able to answer should bother you. Solve to learn new concepts and not to increase your count. According to me, the quality of your preparation is going to give you a good rank rather than the quantity. If you find any difficulty during your preparation you can always contact me ([email protected])

AIR 119
Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh Sharma posted in 2016 Apr 4, 2016 edited Jul 14, 2018 by Saurabh Sharma
7 and are two websites that provide extensive information for most of the GATE CSE queries - Almost complete coverage all the required information one needs to know about GATE, right from preparations to the admissions.
While getting information of what GATE is all about, played an important role in getting me acquainted with the know-hows of preparation, the standard books and lectures available, and also a lot of statistics from previous year(GATE 2014,2015) results.
When my preparation was at the crucial stage in the last two months, played the role of helping me get over some of my misconceptions, with the detailed answers on the previous years questions by experts like Arjun Sir, Praveen Sir and other senior members and fellow aspirants. Also, the discussions that happened on Moodle were very good. Also, the GateOverflow book was one of the best things, having the questions in topic wise manner surely helps, rather than solving through randomly.
One can always ask their doubts/questions here and usually its answered in a detailed manner by other users.
In all, i feel the extra 10 marks i got, which is the difference between getting a rank of 300 and a rank of 30, was due to use of the Gate Overflow platform in the last two months. I would recommend future aspirants to make full use of this platform available.

Abhilash Panicker
AIR 34, GATE 2016
abhilashpanicker29 posted in 2016 Apr 4, 2016 edited Apr 4, 2016 by abhilashpanicker29
Gateoverflow is best source of previous year question and place to get your doubts solved. Answers on Gateoverflow are very nice and informative, they not only tell what answer is but also entire process how answer is derived and give total idea about that question.  I found Gateoverflow very useful in my Gate preparation. Experts like Arjun Suresh, Praveen Saini and others are always present to solve any doubts an aspirant can get. Gateoverflow book of previous year questions along with answers is best study material anyone will need. Gateoverflow answer key this time was 99%+ correct. Overall I can say that If you are preparing for Gate computer Science , using Gateoverflow is MUST now.


Gatecse is best source of study material. I found great lectures of Shai Simpson and others there. I found best collection of books, links to various toppers blog and last years analysis.Gatecse is resource which any serious aspirant should know about.


I want to thank founder of this website Arjun suresh, for discussing with me regarding study strategy and many other issues related to GATE. Keep doing good work :)

Akash Kanase

AIR 28, Gate 2016
Akash Kanase posted in 2016 Apr 4, 2016
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