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first search for how to apply for MS at IIT KGP. (it's a complete different process) There were different panelists with different domains, level questions keep increasing as you give the answers. Q. What is BST? Q. BST search complexity average and worst and when ... no ideas about it, after a hind i gave a right answer binary search. Interview ended this interview went nice. and got selected,
posted Jun 27 in Interview Experience Harshzf2 534 views
I'll be quick, Q. tell me about yourself ? → talk more about your projects, not anything else, they'll simply ignore anything else. If you mentioned a lot of new technology in it, your interview might run on its way, for me, I kept it in the direction ... ) and student with score 650 was also rejected. Truth be told the student with a 550 score had a better understanding of subjects and concepts.
posted Jun 27 in Interview Experience Harshzf2 191 views
Platform: Google Meet Research Stream Preference: Intelligent Systems (background subject: linear algebra and probability theory) There were three professors in the panel, only two of them asked me questions. I will refer them by I1 and I2. I1: Read out my ... GATE preparation. The interviewers focus on concepts and proofs which are very well explained in the standard books. Verdict: Not Selected
posted Jun 23 in Interview Experience shivamtripathi 414 views
Platform: Hackerearth Maximum Score: 50.0 7 General MCQs (5.0 marks each) There is lockdown due to covid. Ram and Gopal have decided to meet at a bus stop between 2PM to 3PM. At the bus stop a person can wait only upto 15 minutes. If a person comes to the ... is greater than or equal to the sum of magnitude of all non-diagonal elements of that row. Note: The matrix contains values of type float.
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Hello everyone.I hope you all are doing well. Here are my GATE 2021 credentials: Name-Akshat Kumar GATE Paper:CS/IT Rank-206 Score-798 Category-Non EWS General B.E/B.Tech branch-Printing Engineering Since I had less chances of getting CDS coursework and was anyway somewhat more inclined ... :') .Thank you all. I hope I helped you somewhat and hope to see many of you at IISc next year.Cheers. :D
posted Jun 15 in Interview Experience akshat271098 557 views
For 2021 Selection Criteria for IISc CDS: GATE score 70% + 30% written test and interview Written Test Questions [Total Marks: 40]: (Time: 1 hour 30 minutes) There were 5 MCQ Questions, each carrying 5 Marks [5x5=25] from the domain: Linear Algebra ( ... 2) x (n-2). [10 Marks] Interview Experience:
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Primary Interactions: First, they have read out my application, asked about the choices and preference order of departments. Then I was asked about my GPA. Next, they asked me about my future plans and favourite subjects. Questions: All the elements of a NxN matrix are 1 ... Score (2021): 646 GPA: 9.53 (Linear Average upto 6th Semester, during the time of interview) Category: SC Result: Selected
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My gate score 593 Btech percentage was 81.38. the cutoff for self sponsored category was 80% in BTech. My interview was on Webex,Their were two professors in the panel. professor 1: 1. tell me about yourself? ( told and i also told them about my fav subjects algo ... O notation? can you formally define what is the big O of a function? 2. what is the time complexity of Dijkstra's algorithm?derive.
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I am Revanth ,with Gate Rank:2836 and Score-561 Category -GEN-EWS IITJ has above 600 cutt off for with fellowship Category or Via COAP- so I applied via self sponsored mode for CS and With out Fellowship for AI I got shortlisted for both categories and both interviews happened at ... . Cutt off: Self Sponsored CS >70 for Gen-EWS Without fellowship -CS- >540 for Gen-EWS and AI - >465 for Gen-EWS
posted Jun 11 in Interview Experience revanthsai87 320 views
I received an email on 14th May from the program coordinator at IIT Indore saying that I had been shortlisted for the interview round. My interview was scheduled for 17th May between 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Now, after my GATE results, I was a little heartbroken knowing ... behind GATE is about Rs. 2000. 1500 for MadeEasy + AceAcademy test series and 500 for a 30-years GATE question bank from Amazon.
posted Jun 2 in Interview Experience mavericknathan1
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Greetings to all, I am Animesh. I have appeared in GATE 2021 and my gate score was 742 with a rank of 447 General Cat. Here I am posting various questions asked from me in different interviews for MS/M.Tech Research courses. Note: My ... document/d/1jDsTDYyz7khijZr30PvOmdEup7a5cDy-EW1QYVIYzT4/edit?usp=sharing I will be adding few other interview experiences(IISC CDS, IIT Bombay MS RAP etc) soon.
posted May 30 in Interview Experience Animesh Sinha 728 views
Some memory based questions: Time complexity to find the maximum element in the min heap and explain the method? Given an array of length $n$ and a number $x$ find out two such elements in the array such that their sum is equal to the number $x.$ Given an array of length ... terms of $B.$ Give $O(k\log k)$ algorithm for finding $k$ minimum element. Prove two vertices of a graph have same degree.
posted May 26 in Interview Experience Lakshman Patel RJIT 406 views
Bharati Padhy, $\text{Gate}\; 2020, \text{GS-}624, \text{AIR-}1531, \text{Jest}\; (2020)\; \text{AIR-}75$ Some memory based questions: Yourself Write a program to find the $2^\text{nd}$ minimum number from an array in one pass. CMMI Levels Difference between ... terms explain this scenario how you will do it. If a matrix is invertible then what can you say about it. How to take inverse of a matrix
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Bharati Padhy, $\text{Gate}\; 2020, \text{GS-}624, \text{AIR-}1531, \text{Jest}\; (2020)\; \text{AIR-}75$ ... $A,$ who has $2$ kids. If the first child is girl then what is the probability that $2^{\text{nd}}$ child is also girl.
posted May 26 in Interview Experience Lakshman Patel RJIT 264 views
Bharati Padhy, $\text{Gate}\; 2020, \text{GS-}624, \text{AIR-}1531, \text{Jest}\; (2020)\; \text{AIR-}75$ Some memory based questions: How many Prime numbers are there in universe? How will you prove that there are infinite prime numbers? You have given an empty stack which can hold atmost $3$ elements, ... $n_{1}$ or $n_{2}.$ do { sum=0,i=0; i++; sum+=i; } while(i<5) printf(sum);
posted May 26 in Interview Experience Lakshman Patel RJIT
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Prof - Hello , Please introduce yourself . Me - Introduced . Prof - Given an array can you write code to find minimum and maximum of array . Me - Yes Sir Here is the code I had written - int max=arr[0]; int min=arr[0]; for(int i=1;i<n;i++) { ... in next week. all the best. Interview duration was around 30 minutes . Although I did some mistakes as I was in pressure . But was very nice experience
posted May 26 in Interview Experience Mohit pal 280 views
Bharati Padhy, $\text{Gate}\; 2020, \text{GS-}624, \text{AIR-}1531, \text{Jest}\; (2020)\; \text{AIR-}75$ Some memory based questions: 1. $R_{1}$ and $R_{2}$ ... time algorithm to find the graph is Hamiltonian Dijsktra's all pair shortest path algorithm will not work properly when there is a negative edge. None of the above
posted May 26 in Interview Experience Lakshman Patel RJIT 130 views
Bharati Padhy, $\text{Gate}\; 2020, \text{GS-}624, \text{AIR-}1531, \text{Jest}\; (2020)\; \text{AIR-}75$ Some memory based questions: Brief intro DSA which area? Define complete binary tree? Heap data structure explain? In heap sort - how many times you do ... $\cos^2\theta+\sin^2\theta=1$ Qsn on pigeon hole principal What is conditional probability? Bayes theorem?
posted May 26 in Interview Experience Lakshman Patel RJIT 91 views
We were shortlisted for the interview based on GATE score. There was no written test. The interviews were conducted on the 24th and 25th of May. There was a presentation before this where the HoD of the CSE department at IIT Madras explained everything about the MS and ... . I thanked everyone and the interview ended here. Around 45 minutes in total (according to the time they called me to join).
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We took a 3-hour test on May 2 which was conducted via remote proctoring. The test had 2 subjects extra besides the GATE syllabus - computer graphics and AI. The results were posted on IITB CSE dept's portal the next day and while theory and computing systems got ... told me to be careful before answering. At this point they stopped the interview and I thanked them and exit. Took roughly 30 mins.
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