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This is coming from a 2020 B.Tech CSE graduate who wrote GATE. I had the opportunity to sit for IIT Madras MS interview during the unprecedented corona times. So I attended the interview online over a Google Meet link. There were around 5-6 panelists. However, only 3 of ... polite. They assisted me whenever I got stuck at a use case or so. Verdict - Selected (Although I joined IIT Kanpur M.Tech)
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This is the rough work I did during the interview, the question were added in a separate post ( as I did not want to reveal hints in the original post (perhaps open the questions side by side to ... I am sure, some of the answers are not complete as the prof. just asked to explain some bits instead of writing everything down.
posted Aug 25 in Interview Experience mkagenius 1,145 views
The interview was conducted over Zoom video conference with 2 professors present. After the introductions, the following problems were asked from my selected topics - Probability theory and Discrete Mathematics. Professor 1 on Probability Theory ( Time: 20 mins including introductions ... about $k$? Hints:
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Interview Experience for M.Tech. RA A.I. in I.I.T. Hyderabad My interview was in July, 2020. It was conducted on google meet online due to COVID-19 pandemic. There were two rounds of interview. the first round was in the morning and second round was ... in ML. That will show your interest in the field. I only prepared Data structures and Algorithms and they asked only 1 question from that.
posted Aug 16 in Interview Experience Shivangi bithel 919 views
Interview Experience for M.Tech. RA C.S.E. in I.I.T. Hyderabad My interview was in July 2020. Due to pandemic it was taken online on Microsoft Teams. It was taken by two professors in my panel say P1 and P2. P1: Hello Shivangi. I am Prof Sathya Peri from ... college and work I told about working on JAVA in my job so he asked which packages do I use in java. Result: Selected for M2Smart Project
posted Aug 16 in Interview Experience Shivangi bithel 2,850 views
IIT Patna (Mtech in CS, Research Fellowship) What is the probability of getting 2 consecutive heads in a fair coin toss? What is the probability of getting a prime number when 1-10 is randomly sampled? What is the probability of getting a prime number given that the number ... ' appears before b' (assuming that they appear only once). (Ans: 50%) If this helped you feel free to like and share!
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Due to COVID 19 pandemic this year Direct PhD selection only consisted of an online interview. A mail was sent by the authorities regarding the shortlist about 10 days before the interview. My interview was scheduled on 23rd of July. They had previously asked ... . The professors made the interview comfortable. It was a great interview experience from the professors of top most Institute in India.
posted Aug 9 in Interview Experience Raghavendra_NV 378 views
The interview was scheduled on Microsoft Team application. Interview panel consisted of 2 members. Prof 1: Give a brief introduction about yourself Me: Answered. Prof 1: What are the different search algorithms you know? Me: Answered Prof 1: What is ... of the shortest interviews experienced. The professors were very helping and cooperative. The interview was a great learning experience to me.
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The AI department of IIT Hyderabad had shortlisted the candidates based on gate score and academic performance. They had selected around 40 candidates for the interview. Due to covid pandemic the interview was organized on Google meet. The interview was scheduled on ... ML during UG courses. The professors were very helping and cooperative. The interview was a great learning experience to me.
posted Aug 9 in Interview Experience Raghavendra_NV 302 views
IIT Gandhinagar this year conducted the interview via Google Meet due to the prevailing pandemic situation. The mail is sent to the selected candidates for the interview nearly a week before the date of interview. On the day of interview, we need to login ... excellent with respect to knowledge and were very much helpful.This made my interview experience to be comfortable with out any anxiety.
posted Aug 7 in Interview Experience Raghavendra_NV 886 views
Name:- Ashish Seth Gate Score:- 632 Category:- OBC-NCL Primary Subject:- Linear Algebra My interview was conducted on 22-July-2020. It was an online interview which was conducted on google meet. My interview started at 10:33 am and went till 11:37 am. Interviewers:- I1,I2,I3 ... helped me). One of the best day of my life was 1st Aug when result was declared and i found my name in MS(project) List.
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IIT Madras MS In Computer Science And Engineering Interview Experience Hello everyone. I recently gave an interview for an MS position in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Madras. The interview was scheduled to happen on the 20th of July, 2020 ... Book for solving GATE Questions The C Programming Language by Dennis Ritchie, Brian Kerningham for pointer related concepts. Verdict: Selected
posted Aug 4 in Interview Experience aditya19 525 views
Due to covid-19 pandemic,this year MS selection consists only interview via Google meet.they sent a mail about shortlist,schedule & list of subjects to choose in a google form a week before.My slot was on 20th July, 9:00 - 13:30, panel - 1.On 20th ... preparation,one should do coding form DS topicwise.GFG is good source.also prepare one or two subject very deeply,it will save you in interview.
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[ Prior to interview there was coding round containing 5 questions to be solved in 2 hours, I remember 3 of them as given, 1)Finding nth number in a tribonacci series(not given directly that it is tribonacci series but based on initial 7 numbers given, you'll guess ... check on that. My gate score-744, rank-460, so got shortlisted for coding test then for interview, and finally got the offer.)
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Interview date: 23-07-2020 Round 1(written): Wasn't conducted due to ongoing pandemic. Round 2(Interview): duration of the interview was about 1 hour. I was told that they will first ask some programming questions and then move to subjects which I was asked to select before the ... depending on the professor. Any more question? M: No. I: You can leave the meeting and thank you. M: Thank you, sir.
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Subject of choice: Data Structures Questions: What is a BST? How will you traverse it? What is topological sorting? Where can you observe topological sorting in real life? Which BST traversal algorithm will give you exact/close approximation to topological sort? ... swapping the two nodes have an effect on correctness of topological ordering? Programming: WAP to find max element in linked list.
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My interview was initially scheduled for July 22, on July 21(my birthday too xD) in the morning I saw a missed call, and I called back and it was hod of CSE department and he was like we'll conduct your interview today itself. He called 3-4 times, kept on postponing the ... 'll ask graph theory. (yup he did that and my interview didn't go that well.) My gate score is 776 rank 335 cat - general.
posted Jul 22 in Interview Experience NIKHIL MOLUGU 375 views
Gate Score : 744 Rank : 460 Round : 2 Project : SAFE Interview was on Google meet. Only my camera was on and I could not see any professors. Only 1 professor interacted with me throughout the interview. Nothing too fancy just basic questions, I don't know ... available. Total Duration : 20 mins (I answered everything quickly and finished off :P) Verdict : Selected Thanks and Good luck everyone :)
posted Jul 22 in Interview Experience Shourabh Payal
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22nd July 2020 It was an online interview on Google Meet, they called an hour before to get ready for the interview.There were about 5-6 people sitting in panel with only few with video on. With formal greetings they started, concerning of my health they ... They individually asked to take care of health. It was so smooth and friendly experience. Overall it was around 40-45mins of interview.
posted Jul 22 in Interview Experience Sahil Lihas 617 views
I- Interviewer, M- Me I- What are your favorite subjects? M- Linear Algebra, Probability, DS/Algo. I- Given a matrix $A^2$ ... at Theoretical Computer Science research seemed to be much more focused on mathematics at depth. At TIFR, CS is only there at Mumbai Campus as of now.)
posted Jul 21 in Interview Experience Shivct1782
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