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Consider the results of a medical experiment that aims to predict whether someone is going to develop myopia based on some physical measurements and heredity. In this case, the input dataset consists of the person's medical characteristics and the target variable is ... develop myopia and $0$ for those who aren't. This can be best classified as Regression Decision Tree Clustering Association Rules
asked Dec 17, 2017 in Data Mining and Warehousing gatecse 1.7k views
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'$R$ is a robot of $M$’ means $R$ can perform some of the tasks that otherwise $M$ would do and $R$ is unable to do anything else.Which of the following is the most appropriate representation to model this situation? None of these
asked Sep 14, 2016 in Data Mining and Warehousing makhdoom ghaya 551 views
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1 answer
Match the following : LIST-I LIST-II a. Script i. Directed graph with labelled nodes for graphical representation of knowledge b. Conceptual Dependencies ii. Knowledge about objects and events is stored in record-like structures consisting of slots and slot values. c. Frames iii. Primitive concepts and ... roles, props and scenes Codes : a b c d iv ii i iii iv iii ii i ii iii iv i i iii iv ii
asked Jul 30, 2016 in Data Mining and Warehousing makhdoom ghaya 834 views
3 votes
1 answer
High level knowledge which relates to the use of sentences in different contexts and how the context affect the meaning of the sentences? Morphological Syntactic Semantic Pragmatic
asked Jul 27, 2016 in Data Mining and Warehousing jothee 861 views
2 votes
3 answers
Which of the following is a knowledge representation technique used to represent knowledge about stereotype situation? Semantic network Frames Scripts Conceptual Dependency
asked Jul 19, 2016 in Data Mining and Warehousing jothee 1.3k views
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2 answers
Consider a fuzzy set old as defined below Old =$ \left\{(20, 0.1), (30, 0.2), (40, 0.4), (50, 0.6), (60, 0.8), (70, 1), (80, 1)\right\}$. Then the alpha-cut for alpha = $0.4$ for the set old will be $\left\{(40, 0.4)\right\}$ $\left\{50, 60, 70, 80\right\}$ $\left\{(20, 0.1), (30, 0.2)\right\}$ $\left\{(20, 0), (30, 0), (40, 1), (50, 1), (60, 1), (70, 1), (80, 1)\right\}$
asked Jul 4, 2016 in Data Mining and Warehousing makhdoom ghaya 2.5k views
2 votes
3 answers
Opportunistic reasoning is addressed by which of the following knowledge representation? Script Blackboard Production Rules Fuzzy Logic
asked Apr 25, 2016 in Data Mining and Warehousing makhdoom ghaya 4.4k views
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Consider the two class classification task that consists of the following points: Class C1: [1 1.5] [1 -1.5] Class C2: [-2 2.5] [-2 -2.5] The decision boundary between the two classes using single perceptron is given by: (A) x1+x2+1.5=0 (B) x1+x2-1.5=0 (C) x1+1.5=0 (D) x1-1.5=0
asked Nov 17, 2015 in Data Mining and Warehousing Chetana Tailor 1k views
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