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Consider a program $P$ that consists of two source modules $M_1$ and $M_2$ contained in two different files. If $M_1$ contains a reference to a function defined in $M_2$ the reference will be resolved at 

  1. Edit time
  2. Compile time
  3. Link time
  4. Load time
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edit time ???
It is the time when we write(or Edit) the program.

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answer - C. Each module is compiled separately and then linked together to make the executable. The below commands shows how to do this for two modules $c1.c$ and $c2.c$ using $gcc$. 

gcc -c c1.c -o c1.o
gcc -c c2.c -o c2.o
gcc c1.o c2.o -o C.exe
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Linker are the one responsible for resolving external references . so it is link time
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