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asked in Compiler Design by Junior (523 points)
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For 80 , I m getting (A),(B),(C),(D) all. And for 81, I m getting (B). Can anyone verify this?

1 Answer

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80 . LR(1) item B---> a.B,a  is valid for " aaa ". 

 A---> a'.ß, a'' is valid for viable prefix let y if there is derivation S-rm*-->ØAw---> Øa'ßa''w

here y=Øa' here a'' is lookahead , which is first symbol of w so for given question 

S--> BB---> BaB--->--> Bab---> aBab-*-->aaaBab(rightmost derivation)  so here a''=a , w=ab ,Ø=aa,

viable prefix = aaa 

81. similar here S--> BB --> BaB--> BaaB 

so w=∊ ,a''=$  ,a'=a , Ø=Ba so

y=  Baa..


answered by Boss (17k points)
For the first part, can't it be

S -> BB, S-> BaB,S-> Bab, S -> aBab

This way, a is th prefix.
@Sonam , what is viable prefix ? Can you explain it with a simple example ??

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