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Which of the following is an example of a spooled device?

  1. The terminal used to enter the input data for the C program being executed

  2. An output device used to print the output of a number of jobs

  3. The secondary memory device in a virtual storage system

  4. The swapping area on a disk used by the swapper

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Out of syllabus after 2016 syllabus change..!

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Answer : Option (B)

SPOOLing (Simultaneous Peripheral Operations OnLine) is a technique in which an intermediate device such as disk is interposed between process and low speed I/O device like a printer. If a process attempts to print a document but printer is busy printing another document, the process, instead of waiting for printer to become available, write its output to disk. When the printer become available the data on disk is printed. Spooling allows process to request operations from peripheral devices without requiring that the device be ready to service the request.
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Refer to the second answer in the link above.

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