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When should one stop preparing a subject?

Gate has a huge syllabus. Even in a single subject a lot of topics are there. Obviously one must  understand the basics of all topics. But my question is at what point should one be satisfied with a subject preparation and move on to the next subject? certain subjects like networking and algorithm no matter how much you prepare you might still find more questions to solve. This question is specially for people who had sat for gate before and secured a good rank.


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When you are able to solve 70% or more previous year questions then you are good at that subject and you can move on. But the 30% you can improve later by giving the mock test and other practice like Reading lot of questions on gate overflow, MIT assignments, . . . etc.
MIT assignments ?

where can we find them?

first of all the assignments are not MCQ kind of, they mostly ask proofs, and we know the importance of proof [interview are mostly based on proofs].

you can find some homework here 

"Stanford" assignment, if you want MIT assignment then visit and find algorithm course and go to "course material" and "assignment" section.

thanku :)
thank you so much.

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