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In standard ethernet with transmission rate of 20 Mbps, the length of the cables is 2500 m and the size of frame is 512 bits. The propagation speed of a signal in a cable is 2 × 108 m/s. The percentage of the time channel is idle or not used by a station is _________ (in approximate integer value).

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i'm getting 24.12 %
A short explanation would be highly appreciated :)
@Pawan Kumar  So ,  Percentage of time channel is idle = percentage of time station are doing useful work ?  I do get efficiency as 24.12% approx for this but I am confused what is asked in question here ?

 Pawan Kumar 2  VS    It must be 100- efficiency?

Please correct me if I am wrong!

Yes it should be 100-efficiency

@VS @Pawan Kumar 2 I am getting 76% please tell whether its correct

Idle channel % = 100 - efficiency

which is 100 - $\frac{Tt}{e*2Tp + Tt + Tp}$

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