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Determine the relationship between the pair of words
NUMERATOR : DENOMINATOR and then select the pair of words from the following which have a similar relationship:
(A) fraction : decimal
(B) divisor : quotient
(C) top : bottom
(D) dividend : divisor
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@Mk Utkarsh,Could you please elaborate a bit?

Take it simple.
Consider a fraction or a division operation of the form $\frac{p}{q}$
here p is called numerator or dividend and q is called denominator or divisor. 

@Soumya29,Thank you so much. :)

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Let's take this $\dfrac{1}{2} $, Here $1\rightarrow Numerator$ & $2\rightarrow Denominator$  

A. $\dfrac{1}{2}\rightarrow fraction$, $0.5\rightarrow decimal$

B. $2\rightarrow divisor$, $0\rightarrow quotient$

D. $1\rightarrow dividend$, $2\rightarrow divisor$

So, $Dividend : Divisor$ has a similar kind of relationship like $Numerator:Denominator$
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@Subarna Das,Thank you so much. :)
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Feels D is the correct answe.
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