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The $FSM$ (Finite State Machine) machine pictured in the figure above

  1. Complements a given bit pattern
  2. Finds $2's$ complement of a given bit pattern
  3. Increments a given bit pattern by $1$ 
  4. Changes the sign bit


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(d) ?

2 Answers

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I think there is some error in the diagram. If DFA had been like this :


Ans:(c) Increments a given bit pattern by 1.

answered by Loyal (8.7k points)
If anything is right this should be the most probable. Otherwise None. :)
If the input is: 1011.

What will be output?

Since the diagram is ambiguous then it should be reported.
i can take objection in this question ma'am.bcoz of fig misprint .i marked option A
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  1. D ans
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