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which is the best book for Gate cse topicwise previous year solved paper solution ?
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All your coaching posts have been deleted. If you want to waste time and money for coaching ask about it anywhere else; not here

If you are serious for GATE 2019 you can join GO classroom but only after leaving the mindset of coaching and being ready to work hard. 

I just asked for suggestions as Im an average student who has just started properly studying for gate and that too who has taken a year drop for it. So Im desperate to score well as its my last chance, nothing else.

I didnt know we cant ask questions about coaching here.And my 2nd question was not even related to it I just stated the books that I have for better understanding my situation :(
Average people go for coaching and become below average .I have been seeing this for years. The first thing you must do to top GATE is to leave this mentality .

That's your view and you are entitled to your views. But atleast unhide my 2nd question which does not talk about coaching, It just states the thing that Im currently refering to as my notes

Please man :(

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Gateoverflow has its own book:

The book has been compiled by experts and has clickable links on questions which refer to this site for additional answers. By this month's end, the latest version would be up. You could also order a hard copy.

As far as the "best book" goes, no book can beat this one as this has been handcrafted by 100s of contributors(correct me if I am wrong).

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Thank You, I have taken its soft copy and bought Madeeasy solutions.

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