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I have a doubt in the proof of  membership problem that is MP = {M # x |  M accepts x }....

here sir is telling that TM N is just a copy cat of TM M....only change is ..reject state of TM M is  connected to accept state of TM if TM M accepts or rejects x then TM N halts on x....i have understood  this...

My doubt is.....sir is telling that if TM M does not halt on x then TM N rejects x.......but I am not getting how is it possible....because if TM M is looping on x then how TM N can rejects x....also I think that since TM N is some what same like TM M ..then if TM M loops on x then TM N should loops on x....please anyone clarify my doubt....

Thanks in advance.. 

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Please anyone answer this....

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