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what is the good plan for gate 2019 ?

is this good taking 1 or 2 test every day and evolution properly ?
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Taking tests are not mandatory.... but regular revision is important

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I am not sure that i can ask this question here or not but let me ask!!! Anyone 2019 serious GATE aspirant residing in "Kolkata" if interested for "Group Study" (self not coaching) who already has prepared for GATE 2018 please comment below!!! I need a Study Buddy !!!
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When should one stop preparing a subject? Gate has a huge syllabus. Even in a single subject a lot of topics are there. Obviously one must understand the basics of all topics. But my question is at what point should one be satisfied with a subject preparation and ... find more questions to solve. This question is specially for people who had sat for gate before and secured a good rank. Thanks.
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does the questions in gate exam appear randomly or in order like aptitude first maths next and the technical or in any random order?
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I initially started with Sheldon Ross and tried to solve each and every problem in it and It took me 10 days to complete the 1st 2 Chapters. I have already completed solving all the Problems in GO Book. If I continue in this manner, I'm sure it will take ... problems for GATE? I know most of the concepts. I just lack practice. What exactly is the correct way to increase the pace of preparation?
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