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If N=.xyzxyzxyz………  N is a repeating non terminating decimal number then the natural number by which N can be multiplied so that the resultant is a natural number is

a)495    b)1001  c)891    d)4995
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D answer...
yes...please give me the idea to solve it.
N=.xyzxyzxyz [email protected]

Multiply both sides by 1000

1000N=xyz.xyzxyz......   @2

Subtract 2 from 1..

999N = xyz

N= xyz/999


So to get the correct value of N we must multiply the rhs by a multiple of 999... Which is 4995 here...!


your numerical ability is good compared to all other gate aspirants ( in the list of persons whom i know )


@Shaik Masthan only numerical ability bro :p thanks :p

that is sufficient to drag so many people like me in the RACE
aree no bro, there is no race for me, i am out of the league, i think i like more of digits and equations like i used to years ago before i was off track :p and moreover i like decryption much than encryption.. :p

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<p>Here it is a rational number ;to in Convert in P/Q form of the &nbsp;if you want to convert in P/Q form of any rational number then see on how many digits bar is there or how many digits are repeating here 3 digits are repeating so multiply it by 1000 so 1000N=xyz.xyzxyz.. subtract &nbsp;N=0.xyzxyzxyz we will get 999N= xyz there fore N=xyz/999 now only 4995 is divisible by 999 there D is the answer .</p>
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